Monthly Archives: December 2014

Merry Xmas !

Hello and merry Xmas everybody !

I couldn’t post much things these last days because I was well… too busy yeah xD

But next week will be about the game project since I’m on holidays and I planned to work on it every day 🙂

Until then here’s a new picture of Erry Enjoying Xmas too from the top of her cake…. :3


More to come soon ! 🙂


New Artwork : Choose me…!

Hello !

A new picture featuring Candice (that you can already see in the gallery tab) and Nyunee, another character from the same one 🙂 My poor Erry is in front of a hard choice this time…

Choose me...!

A new story is also available in the story tab : Annie and Erry part 3.

See you soon for more ! 🙂



Stories !

Hello !

I added 5 of the stories I wrote until now in the ‘story’ section. All of them use Erry (my main OC) in different situations… If you want to know her past, her wonderful relation with her lover or just her tiny self used as some toy by 2 other girls you’ll find what you want in them 🙂

See you soon for more !


Site opening !



I finally started this soooo big website project that will host all of my current / previous works and the game project once it’s done. I’ll update it as soon as possible so hope that you’ll enjoy your visit ! 🙂