Monthly Archives: April 2015

3 new stories !

Hello !

I guess it was about time 😀 I just posted the 3 nexts parts of Annie & Erry if you want to learn more about the two cute girls 🙂

I also added a new ‘character’ page featuring all of my OC and people I love to RP with (and it really helps to write the stories afterwards :D)

More to come soon ! 🙂


Site updates


I updated the site today and I added a new section called ‘Dark Zone’. Within it you’ll find some works that I usually don’t show with the other ones and we’ll you’ll understand why if you’ll look them… I also updated a bit some stories (changed some fonts and such….) and I’ll be working on some news about the gallery and the character pages today… If I have enough time I’ll add more stories in the current categories 🙂


Some news


It’s been a while I hadn’t posted stuff here… but I had some IRL things to take care about… So yeah I’m back and I added already some pictures under the gallery tab, I can’t post all of them in a single post since there’s a lot of them 😀 I’ll also upload some new stories during this week so stay tuned for more 🙂