Monthly Archives: May 2015

New story : Annie & Erry 9

Hello again !

I just posted the chapter 9 of ‘Annie & Erry’ in the story section. I still have 2 more to post on the website and I’ll try to put them on tomorrow… but for now you can enjoy this chapter with our two lovely girls … :), you can read it by the ‘stories’ tab 😉

See you soon for more ! 🙂


New Story : Erelle !

Hello !

Time for a new story and this time it’s my longest work… 42 pages of text ! But you’ll learn more about the ‘world’ where all of my characters live and how was life BEFORE the humans discovered the small people. you can read it here or access it by the ‘stories’ page here.

I’ll also post more things today and continue the site ‘reworking’ with some new stuff incoming ! 🙂

See you soon for more !