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New picture : from Pochii ! :)


I got a new commissionned picture from an artist that I really like : Pochii (I talked a bit about her before in some RPG maker blog post 😀 ) so this time it’s a picture I got from her featuring herself about to enjoy my small Erry… really lovely picture :3

Thanks again for drawing it and please be sure to visit her page right here ! 😉

See you soon for more !



Game project updates !


Time for some updates on my game project !

Well currently I’m still working on one of the secret events and it takes soooo much time and pictures that I hope I’ll finish it before the end of the next week or this one.

I also found a nice ‘limit’… another game maker Pochii told me that RPG Maker XP had a hard coded limitation… 999 maps. So yeah I was sooo proud of my 900 maps goal that I started to ‘panic’… xD

In fact my game uses some ‘blank maps’ for some interaction/transitions where no picture is needed. There was a lot of them so… I decided to ‘compress’ all of them into 1 so I could save some maps for the ‘real things’ and after searching in half of the project I finally managed to get from 910 map files to 850 (!!!!!). I still have to check the other half but no doubt that I’ll find some other things to remove.

Aside this I found some other things to correct/debug and it’s going on well… I really hope to finish this event as soon as possible so I could start the work on the last sub event before starting the endings… I’ll also try to do some sound stuff when I’ll have some ideas for those 🙂

And that’s all for today, I’ll post more news about the game soon enough ! 😉


Debug mood 100%

Featured on VGGTS World !!

Hello !

I totally forgot to post something about this before but some of my old pictures got featured on the VGGTS and Anime GTS world websites for this week’s updates. I really thanks Cubed Cinder for selecting some of my works for this !! 😀

And yeah I’ll have to draw more anime/video games fanarts… if you have some ideas for me to draw, please leave a comment with them 😉

More news to come soon!


Progress bars everywhere ! xD


A short news for today since I decided to show more informations about the current game project progress. So the page changed and you can find now some progress bars telling you where I am on the different parts of the game development.

Some parts won’t take much time but some others like the endings will take some days of scripting before being included but I’ll try to update this page as soon as I put more stuff in the game files.

Maybe I’ll use those bars too to show some other things… I don’t know yet 😀

See you soon for more news !


Current Motivation 100%

New artwork : Nalimi

Hello !

Time to add a new picture in the gallery and this time it’s a picture I did for a friend : Ypza . It features her character Nalimi who is a girl who a a power to open ‘portals’ to many different worlds and dimensions. But this power wasn’t something she really wanted… it was a part of a dark experiment and she was unfortunately the subject… You’ll learn more about her if you read Ypza’s stories ! 😉

See you next time for more !



Game updates :)

Hello !

I’m working a lot on the game these lasts days and I started one of the lasts events of the game. In fact some of them are a bit ‘hidden’ and you’ll have to find them with some choices you’ll have to do in the game. Those events will be optionnal and you won’t need to finish them to complete the main story. I’ll try to post more news as soon as I can and until then take care ! 😉