Monthly Archives: October 2015

New staff member !


Today is a big day because ‘officially’ I have a new staff member to help me on the game project ! The youtube user ‘HakoniwaShoujo‘ (the old Pokejon) decided to help me on the game project and we’ve made already some progress together ! I’m also working a lot on it every time I can soooo expect more news about it soon enough ! 😉

Again I’m sorry for the wait of this game but I really want it to be perfect for the day we’ll release it ! 🙂

More news to come soon ! 😉


New gallery !


The last part of the big website reworking is now done ! The gallery had changed and you can now find different sections under the gallery tab where you’ll find all of my works and some others too 🙂 Sooo yeah no more ‘allthepicturesonthesamepage’ thing and they’re all sorted from when I did them.

Also. I finally uploaded ALL the pictures I couldn’t before because of laziness or anything so you now have access to ALL of the picutres I did from 2012 on the website and I won’t forget again to post the new ones ! 🙂

Have a nice day and enjoy the visit of the new version of the website 😉


Stories, stories and stories !


I just finished to rework the story part of the website and added 8 news ! I also reworked another one but first, what changed on the site:

– Stories are now sorted by categories where you’ll find Erry’s story, Erry days (new ones !) and Annie and Erry’s stories.

– 6 new chapters of Annie & Erry are now available, I also put all the corrected versions on each chapter and many more pictures in them (a special gallery will also be made for them.

– 1 New chapter of Erry’s story where you’ll learn more about Erry and her sister Aya’s past. This chapter is right after the thir one in the ‘timeline’ 🙂

– A new series of short stories called ‘Erry days’. As you may know, Erry have the hability to revive endlessly but won’t remember anything from her previous ‘life’… those stories will tell more about those small ‘lives’ Erry had in the past… but they won’t really be happy too.

– The story Broken Candy had been updated with a full story but if you’re not into extreme pain/blood or hard vore don’t read it. For every one elese you’ll find it in the ‘Dark Zone’ of the website.

I’ll be again working on some other things on the website and I’ll write more about it soon enough ! 🙂


News !

Hello !

I started to rework the website a bit (a new banner ? xD) and added some new pictures for some of my characters.

I also added a new ‘Links’ page on the website so they won’t be on my ‘own’ page anymore.

I updated all of the ‘Annie and Erry’ stories with the corrected ones from chapter 1 to 10, the 6 remaining ones will be posted soon enough. The chapter 10 is posted too 😉

What’s remaining…? Well first I’ll need to post all of the pictures I couldn’t until now (a lot of them !) and then the remaining stories I wrote until now 🙂

I’ll be working the website a bit more these days again and there will be more content soon enough ! 🙂

See you soon ! 🙂