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Messing with my head !


I saw something during the Steam sales and… I was curious. So yeah I bought ‘Facerig’ and installed it to try this…

I never really tried that ‘motion capture’ thing before but well… it was worth the try… 😀 soooo here’s some results of my stupid face on it… I’ll try to post more serious stuff soon enough xD

Kreeyz.FaceRig_29_12_2015__1_0_23 FaceRig_29_12_2015__1_2_52 FaceRig_29_12_2015__1_5_42 FaceRig_29_12_2015__1_6_48

New Collab and stuff !


Hello !

Time for a new collab work with the wonderful ‘CutenessOverlord‘ featuring our main OC Erry and Plume. Erry was surprised to see someone smaller than herself but in the end wasn’t watching behind them too… :p But it was a wonderful collab picture : I did the lineart and rough while he did the color work and all the details, hope you’ll like it !


Also ! I added a new short chapter of Erry Days based ona  picture I completed today… It’s a hard thing to see but well… something I wanted to get out of my mind… :p

See you soon enough for more ! 🙂


New picture : From MementoMori again !


Hello !

I had another new picture I comissionned to MementoMori and the result is perfect as usual as we’ll see our small Erry getting deeper inside of the human girl’s digestive system… I’ll try to see if I could ask for a prequel or sequel picture soon … 😀


the result is really awesome again 😀 My Erry’s expression and all the details are really perfect 😀 Thanks a lot for drawing it again !! 🙂


New artwork : Erry’s revival !


Hello !

Today’s picture is about the secret power of Erry (check her profile to know more) : she can revive once she dies in a different time and place, the other side of this ‘power’ is that she won’t remember anything from her previous life… but maybe someday she’ll finally reach a new life where she will be safe and happy.

This picture is based on a picture I did last year and I wanted to see it with my new hardware/software so here’s the result, hope you’ll like it 🙂

More to come soon !


New story/artwork : Erry days 2



Today we have a new short story in ‘Erry days’ series… and this little one isn’t really lucky again… but I’m sure taht smeday everything will change for her…

This story is really short but it’s another part of how hard could be a micro girl’s life in a human world, feel free to read it right here.

More to come soon 🙂


GO GO SizeCon !!

SizeCon Erry

Hello !

I finally got my passport and my bank accepted my travel project woohoooooo !! So yeah I’ll be now ‘officially’ at New York for the event and hope to meet many of you there ! I’ll also bring some stuff like some pictures and if I can… an early version of my current game project ! (I’ll also try to finish it before the event itself ^_^; ).

But to make it happen we also need all of the help ! Making such an event is a first in the world and any help will be appreciated ! (you can get your tickets and some information by clicking on Erry or the SizeCon widget on the right)

And for the people who will go to the event, be careful where you step because there will be some small ones as well :3

See you soon for more !!