Monthly Archives: December 2015

New stuff


I updated a bit the website design today and I hope that you’ll like this new banner and the small Erry on the side 🙂 I’ll try to add more stuff soon enough too aside the different upcoming pictures 🙂

See you soon for more !


SizeCon 2016 !


Hello !

Today I’ll talk about something a bit different 🙂 Some months ago I’ve heard about a Size related convention and I was really hyped about it… and it’s still the same !! Sooo let me present you the Sizecon : a place to share about micro/macro stuff with people sharing the same interests and one of the points  that I really love about the idea is that there will be no one judging you. Another excellent point is about meeting some people I really respect for their art and other works and there will be plenty of things to do ;D

About the place it wil be in NYC. Really far from France where I live but it’s a city I wanted to visit and… I’ll be happy to be at the convention too !

Soooo about all the details, you can find more on the official website right HERE , or follow the Deviantart page HERE. Also be sure to spread the word about the convention to all the people around you who might be interested 😉

See you soon for more !!


1 Year ?!


Yes, it’s been a year since I opened this website ! It changed a lot since its first version and lots of stuff was added (even a cheat code ! xD) but well… Still something that I love to work on. I really hope that you like my different works too and I’ll be sure to add more of them soon enough.

I’ll also write a special post in the upcoming days regarding a special event… be sure to read it if you live in the US ! 😉