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20 Years of Pokémon !


Hello !

Today is a really important day since Pokémon is now 20 years old ! Whew… I remember when I was playing on the first games on my gameboy for hours… just to level up and find all of them… So much memories… 🙂

So yeah Here’s my little tribute to celebrate this day, but well since there wasn’t any girl in the first generation (we had to wait Crystal for this) well Erry is dressed as Red… hope you’ll like it !! 😀

See you soon for more !


Updated the Dark Zone

Last news for today… I updated the Dark Zone with a specific gallery and I’ll be posting there all the stuff I can’t post in the usual gallery. As usual, I won’t be telling in the news when I’ll add some stuff to it since well it’s not something I enjoy much to talk to but I’ll probably tell this on Twitter or somewhere else.

See you soon for more news 🙂


A bit of myself.

Hello again!

It’s a big day… since I finally posted something about me again and basically what is ‘macrophilia’ for me and ho it is a deep part of my life. This page is really ‘special’ since not everything I tell here is happy stuff but well it was important for me to tell to everyone why 🙂

You can read all of this right here and I hope that it’s not too ‘hard’ to understand 🙂

See you soon for more news 🙂


Mousepads !


(that’s not my desk xD)


A small blog for a friend today, Cysh had a really nice idea about making some macro/micro mousepads and they are soooo cute :3

I preordered 2 of them (I wonder if you’ll find them :3) and for anyone interested in those you can find more about that right here with eveything you might want to know about them 🙂

Also feel free to visit Cysh’s website, it’s full of nice things !! 🙂

See you soon for more news ! 🙂