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New artwork : Besides you…


Between two ‘lives’… Erry was in this strange black place but couldn’t do anything besides waiting her next life to begin… but she wasn’t alone there and even if she couldn’t see the other girl somehow knew that she was taking care of her…

I really wanted to draw those two for a long time… and it’s finally done. if you don’t know what it is about… be sure to read Erry’s story right here… 😉


It’s getting closer !


Hello !

A small reminder for the ones who hadn’t saw this before 🙂

The SizeCon project is going on really well and we have already maaaaaaaaany people that will come to the event. I’m getting a bit more excited every day and I really want to be there as soon as I can haha 😀 For the ones who will be there I really wish to meet some of you and I’ll be sure to give you a little something too (if there’s still some stuff remaining xD).

For the ones still interested or want to know more about the SizeCon, it will be on the April 23th 2016 in New York City. You can find more information and reserve your tickets right on this link 😉

See you soon for more and now less than 2 months to wait !!!


New artwork : Shopping for food…


It was a new arrival of ‘Tinies’ today… this human girl was waiting this so much that once they were on the display she was choosing one of them carefully… her eyes stopped on a tiny ‘white haired’ one… it was the first time she saw one of them and was wondering how she would taste like…

Inside of the tiny plastic bag, Erry was scared… she tried many times to escape but it was useless… once this giant hand picked her up, she knew that her fate was sealed… and would be sold as a tiny piece of candy…

Based on an idea I got after talkign with another member on Eka’s… hope you’ll like it 😀


New artwork : Deep inside…


“She was too deep… couldn’t breath of this pressure on all of her small body anymore and knew her end was near… this human girl was too high in her pleasure that she wasn’t caring of the micro girl within her anymore and after some painful minutes… Erry was no more… The human girl started to shiver… moaning loudly she was about to cum… and would ‘ejaculate’ the small lifeless body with…”

Picture based on an idea we talked with a good friend and I also wanted to try some new shadow effects… hope you’ll like it 😀

More to come soon !


New artwork : In your hand…


She’s sitting in your hand… she’s scared because it’s the first time she sees someone that huge so close and because of knowing what the humans usually do to the ones of her size…

Will she be eaten mercilessly…? Used as a small toy ? Crushed in your hand or will be spared…? It’s your choice after all…

Based on a comment I got from my latest picture and it would be cool to see how people react to this ‘choice’ if they were the one holding this tiny girl… 😀

More to come soon 🙂


New artwork : Digesting away…


She had been swallowed so easily… and couldn’t do anything about it… Erry was now inside of a large room bathing in somethign that was starting to burn her skin and melt her ripped dress… she started to cry as she realised that soon she would be no more…

New picture featuring Erry about an idea I got for her… hope you’ll like it 🙂


New Artwork : The Tiny and the Slime



Time for a new picture and this one features A slimegirl named Enda meeting a tiny one for maybe the first time… Erry never met a girl like this before but well what could happen to her after all….? 😀 Enda belongs to an artist friend (Sergit) and is used with permission 🙂

I also plan to upgrade a bit the website tonight, I’ll write another blog post about this too 😉

See you soon for more 🙂