Monthly Archives: February 2016

Goodies and stuff :)


I’m getting really ready for the SizeCon event in April (check this link to know more about this or click on Erry in the right menu ! ) and I started to work on some stuff regarding this.

So first I’ll bring some goodies for my fans (and every people interested in what I work on) and there will be some badges (a few of them !) and maaaaaany prints that I’ll do in the nexts days. Those prints will be on a special photo paper and will look like this (there will be around 3-4 different designs) :


I’ll also wear a special shirt that I received today (but I’m a bit sad that I can’t wear this one every day at work xD) and some badges as well. I wanted to check the ‘quality’ of those before ordering more of them and I kinda look the result (the picture is dark because it’s night time here :p)


And a closer view of the badges, it’s the same picture as you can see on the right but I’ll try to do maybe another design too 🙂


I’ll try to post more stuff as soon as I’ll draw more designs and prints 🙂

See you soon ! 🙂