Monthly Archives: March 2016

New story : Annie & Erry chapter 17.5

Hello !

Time for a new story and this chapter of ‘Annie & Erry’ isn’t based on a RP this time. This chapter is based on some ideas we had while talking with Annie and well… some unexpeted things might happen… 😀 I’ll also post some pictures ont he story page as soon as I could draw them.

If you want to read it it’s right here ! And well… maybe I’ll write some other ‘point five’ stories in the near future ! 🙂

See you soon for more ! 🙂


New story : A Tiny’s dreams !


Hello again !

I added a new section in the ‘stories’ page and menus since well… there’s a new series available ! These stories are called ‘A Tiny’s dreams’ and are based on some great RP we did with my friend Ypza. In those you’ll find a little Erry lost in a new world… where she’ll meet the Cylark sisters and her life won’t be the same anymore… hope you’ll enjoy to read them ! The first chapter can be read right here !

See you soon for more !


New artwork : Erry in NYC !


Hello !

Time for a new picture and this one was for the SizeCon poster contest so here’s my ‘little’ Erry visiting New York ! 🙂

I also did a better quality picture but it’s really heavy (30 mb ! ) but if you want to see it click right here 🙂

I also hope that you’ll like this one ! ;D


New artwork : Tiny drink


“A cocktail with a Tiny one inside…? why not after all… they can’t even flee from this. and you’ll be able to select yours, just pick up your favorite glass.”

Based on an idea I had while talking with someone on Twitter, hope you’ll like it ! 😉