Monthly Archives: March 2016

Next month !


Hello !

The SizeCon is getting closer and I really can’t wait to go in NYC !!!

We had a Skype meeting last week and it was a really interesting one (even more to talk with all the other people from the convention staff ! 🙂 ) So yeah it’s getting really closer again ! 🙂

I met some more fans of my works and well… I’m really happy to know that *blushes*, I also plan to bring more Erry badges to the convention for all of you ! 🙂

About the prints now, I’m almost done with them and well I hope that you’ll like them too ! 🙂

For the ones still interested or want to know more about the SizeCon, it will be on the April 23th 2016 in New York City. You can find more information and reserve your tickets right on this link 😉

See you soon for more news about this and well… see you soon ! 😀