Monthly Archives: May 2016

Downloads !


A new section opens today : the downloads page ! Currently there’s not much stuff on it but there will be more soon ! Currentyl I’ll be putting some free ebooks featuring my stories (corrected and with some pictures !) but since I’m pretty new to create ebooks I’ll probably put many versions of them 🙂

I also plan to add much more stuff too soon but I’ll be sure to post a blog with it every time ! 😉

See you soon for more news ! 🙂


Dark Zone updated


Yesterday I decided that well since usually I don’t post anything to tell about the new stuff in the Dark Zone I’ll do it from now. It wasn’t something I didn’t really wanted to talk about on the blog before since it’s well mostly hard and bloody stuff but since it’s a part of my works I’ll be now talking about this as well but without any picture related on the blog 🙂

Besides yeah I posted a new story in it called ‘Meat…’, it’s based on a picture I did at the end of last year and will be… cruel again but well ^_^;

I’ll also post some more news about the website today so sty tuned 🙂


Story covers !


Hello !

From today I’ll be drawing some covers for my different stories since they will be turned into some ebooks soon (I talked a bit about this at the SizeCon 😉 ) so yeah… here we go for the very first of them based on Erry’s story chapter 1 that you can read right here 🙂

See you soon for more !! 🙂