Monthly Archives: June 2016

New Artwork : ‘A last time…’


Erry knew she wouldn’t get out… she didn’t wanted to die from suffocation so she decided to do something… and would be exhausted soon… she wasn’t enjoying doing this at all… her skin burning all around… but until the end… she would be in her ‘dreams’ outside of this horrible place…

Based on an idea I got some days ago… hope you’ll liek it 🙂


New Artwork : ‘Antaria’s playground’


Hello !

Time for a new artwork and this time featuring my giant girl Antaria ! It’s been a while I created this character and she just had one picture so well… let’s have more of her haha 😀 The background picture is in fact one of the pictures I took in the plane when I went to the US some weeks ago… 😀 Hope you’ll like it !

See you soon for more ! 😉


New story : Erry’s story part 6 !

Hello !

Time for a new chapter of this tiny girl’s life… but this time without her ! You’ll follow some other character we hadn’t seen for some time and … some many unexpected twists too… hope you’ll like it !! and be sure to read the 5 previous chapters before or you’ll miss some important parts 😉

Link to the story right here !

See you soon for more ! 🙂