Monthly Archives: July 2016

Holidays !


Hello !

A small word to tell everyone that well… I’ll be on holidays from today and I won’t post anything for 3 weeks ! (I’ll be back during the first weekend of August) Soooo I wish everyone happy holidays if you have some and a good time for everyone else ! 😀

See you in 3 weeks ! 🙂


New Artwork : Appetizer…


Hello !

Time for a new picture… and it will be the main ‘subject’ of my next story project where Erry will just be used as a small ingredient… Hope you’ll like it and the story will follow maybe when I’ll be back from holidays 🙂

See you soon for more !


Corrections !

Hello !

Thanks to a really good friend Kiloby, the latest story ‘Rise of Antaria’ is now fully corrected !! The link is the same as before (on the stories tab) but the content has now less mistakes than before ^_^

See you soon for more and have a nice day ! 😀


New story : Rise of Antaria !


Time for a new story and this time in a whole different world ! This story will focus on the past of my character Antaria and how she became this giant evil girl we know… 🙂

You can read the story by accessing it by the ‘story’ menu or by following this link !

I hope that you’ll like it and see you soon for more ! 🙂