Monthly Archives: August 2016

New artwork ‘Just a small gem…’


Erelle was trapped in a jewel that was given to the ‘queen’ and was now just a small gem among some others between this queen’s breasts. Erelle knew that she wouldn’t know ‘freedom’ anymore…

A picture I wanted to draw for a looooooong time for Erry’s story chapter 3 but it’s now finally done, I hope that you’ll like it  ! 😀

You can read the story right here 🙂

See you soon for more !


New Dark Zone story


I added a new story into the Dark Zone of the website called “the ‘Magic’ pill”. This story is well… pretty dark and it’s also my very first try at scat stuff. To tell you the truth it’s not one of the preferences that I have but I really wanted to… try. So here’s the result, I don’t know if I’ll write/draw more stuff like this again but well… I managed to let out this idea out of y brain 🙂

See you soon for more news !