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New Story : Erry Story part 7 – Past


Hello !

Time for a new chapter of Erry’s life and this time it will happen again thousands of years before Erry’s Era. So who will be about  ? Another girl named Erelle that you already met in chapter 3 and what happened to her right after this chapter.

This chapter will also introduce some big questions you might ask to yourself and some answers will be given but there’s a lot more questions to be answered in the next chapters too ! 😉

If you want to read it click right here or choose it in the menus 😉

I also hanged a bit the stories page so it will fit all of those chapters 🙂

Hope you’ll like it and see you soon enough for more news ! 🙂


Hype !



I’ve been drawing again these lasts days mostly for the next SizeCon but well even if it will be next year I’m already sooo hyped for it ! So yeah this time I did a picture for my vore fans and I hope that you’ll like it ! Also tried some new effects on this one 😉

Remember for the ones interested to visit the official SizeCon website or click on the heart icon on the right of the blog ! 😉

See you next time for more !


SizeCon 2017 !


Hello !

You hadn’t seen me these last days because I was working on something really big…. the SizeCon 2017 !! I’ll be talking a lot about it in many posts but well here’s already some informations : The event will be on 2 days (29-30 July 2017) and there will be a lot more than the first year !! if you want more information about it please check the official website and YES I’ll be there in NYC again next year !! I can’t wait to meet some of you again !

See you soon for more news ! 🙂