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New Story : Erry Story part 8 – Memories

Hello again !

Let’s go this time for a new chapter of Erry’s life and this time it will focus on our micro girl again.

This chapter is also the start of the ‘ending’ arc I plan to write in the two next chapters and there will be some ‘answers’ to some questions you might have if you read every chapter until now.

If you want to read it, click on the link right here or search it in the Stories menu 😉

Hope you’ll like this story and the ebook version will also be available soon enough too !

See you soon for more news !



3D !



Time to add a new gallery on the website ! A friend of mine gave some days ago a ‘game’ where you can design many 3D characters then put them in different situations. I was searchign a bit in the options and I found it… the ‘Size scaling’ option ! So yeah you know what I did next… 😀 You can find many 3D pictures I did these lasts days in the new gallery right here and I’ll be sure to post more once I’ll have more ideas ! 😉

See you very soon for more news 😀


Bring your 3DS ! :D


Hello !

Last year I totally forgot my 3DS charger when I came to the SizeCon so I couldn’t play :'( but next year I won’t forget it !! And well it will be enjoyable for your Tinies too so yeah bring them if you can so we could maybe do a small game between two panels ! ^_^

More serious stuff now 😀 if you’re interested to go to the SizeCon 2017, check the official website right here or cliek on the logo on the right side 😉

Again I can’t wait to be there and meet some of you again it was sooo amazing !! 😀

See you soon for more news ! 😉


New Artwork : Duality


Hello !

Time for a new artwork and this time it’s an idea based on something that happened in Erry’s story 5, when Erelle was facing Erry’s dark side who wanted to kill the small girl… It’s been some time I wanted to draw Enaelle again and I’m really fan of the new style I gave her, maybe we’ll see more of her soon enough… 😀

See you soon for more ! 🙂


Goodies !


Hello !

It’s been now a while that I wanted to do this but you can have now some custom mugs with a Erry design that I made some time ago ! 🙂 Since as I said many times I don’t want to ‘sell’ my art, the mugs will be royalty free (that means I won’t get any money from each sell) and you’ll have the best prices for them too ! 🙂

For now I created a white and black designs but more will be added as soon as I have more ideas. I also tried to do a ‘safe’ design so I could bring that to my IRL work too XD. Hope you’ll them ! If you want to see the picture itself check it right below 🙂


And if you feel to order a mug, please check this link or click on the chibi Erry on the right side ! 😉

See you soon for more news ! 🙂