Monthly Archives: February 2017

Erry 2017 !

Hello !

Just like every year here’s an updated version of Erry’s profile picture !

I changed some stuff on her but it’s basically the same micro girl that I love ^_^

Hope you’ll like it too ! 🙂


SizeCon 2017 : Reminder ! :)

Hello !

A small reminder for the ones interested in the SizeCon 2017 : the early ticket sale is ending in 2 days ! So if you want to grab your pass at the reduced price it’s the right time ! 🙂

About the convention itself I finally booked everything on my side so now I just have to WAIT until I’ll be in the US again (and I can’t really wait too xD)

Again if you want more information about the SizeCon, feel free to visit the website or click on the link on the right of the website.

see you soon for more news ! 🙂


New Ebook : Erry 10 !

Hello !

Time for a new ebook to join the others on the downloads page ! This time it’s the last chapter of Erry’s Story and with the lasts corrections too ! (But they might remain some mistakes that I’ll be correct later :p) and I aslo added the cover of this book too so I hope taht you’ll enjoy this story if you hadn’t read yet 😀

See you soon for mroe news ! 🙂


New Story : Erry Story part 10 – Answers


Here we finally for the last chapter of Erry’s story. It’s been a long travel for both of Erry and Erelle but now… they’ll have to face Enaelle. WHo will win and what will happen next…? You can see that in the latest chapter right here or in the menus.

Thanks a lot to everyone who supported my writing during all of this series, it was really helping me to continue 🙂

See you soon for more news 🙂