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New artwork ‘Mega Erry’ ! :)

Well… looks like my tiny one got taller again… but she’ll stay the same sweet girl ^_^

Another small reminder for the upcoming SizeCon coming on since it’s getting really closer ! As usual if you need any details about it, click on the link on the right part of the website 🙂

See you soon for more artworks ! 🙂


Art retrospective : Erry

Hello !

I was thinking about doing this for some time so well… here we go for a small flashback to when I started to draw her and one of her latests pictures 🙂

2013 : The very first picture of Erry on computer, in fact it was a charatcer I started to work on maybe 1-2 years ago before but never could really complete… I hadn’t much of an idea for her hair color so I just said to myself “well… white looks good in fact.” so it was decided. Back then Erry’s hairband was gray before becoming blue some time later because her whole story wasn’t written yet. 🙂

My setup back then was my wacom Bamboo tablet and Paint.Net for the software.

2014 : This year I started to use different brushes on Paint.Net but I wasn’t really fan of the ‘pixel look’ it was giving to the pictures. It was also this year when I started to save for a new tablet and software. Erry’s look changed a bit and I started to work a bit more on the ‘ripped dress’ style she would have from now.

2015 : Finally got my new tablet and a brand new drawing software !! So basically I had to learn back from the start because it took some time for me to get used to those new tools. I started to use a lineart pen but back then I wasn’t using a pressure stabilizer and the lines were sometimes lookign a bit tick, but I was ready to learn more.

My setup was now a Huion GT200 tablet and Paint tool Sai for the software.

2016 : I started to use some new things on Sai because of some practrice and ly drawings were now looking really better! I also started to work with thin lines for the lineart because it’s giving a better look to the characters. This year I also started to work on some new shadings and color brushes.

I changed a bit my setup and added a Razer Tartarus for the many shortcuts I use in Sai since my tablet doesn’t have any shortcut keys, it’s also a great tool for gaming ! :3

2017 : The current year ! Again I’m trying to learn many more advanced features of Sai and I can really see some good results in my latests pictures ! My main focus for some months already is to give a better look to the character’s expressions and mainly in their ‘eyes’. It was something I wasn’t really good to draw when I started many years ago but now I know how to give this tiny ‘life’ in my character’s eyes 😀 I also work on the whole ‘perspective’ of my character’s bodies because some poses require a lot of work because of that but I’ll get better again !! 😀

And that’s all for now, I hope that I’ll get some new skiils soon that I’ll be able to put in some new pictures but until then I hope that you’ll like my new works ! 😉


New Dark Zone Story


It’s been some time I hadn’t posted in taht zone but there’s now a new story there featuring Cysh and another of her OC Saya enjoying some fun times together… but some other micro people won’t really enjoy that too…

Be warned that because of its ‘Dark Zone’ label that this story is really violent and bloody, and as usual I won’t link it but you know in which tab you can find it.

See you soon for more news.