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The SizeCon app is there !

Hello !

Some news since I now can talk about it 😀 I’ve been workign for some time on a big project for the next SizeCon and it’s now almost ready ! This project is a ‘companion app’ for every SizeCon visitor and will allow you to do stuff like :

  • Faving some panels / artists / activities to plan a bit what you’ll be doing during the 2 days (it workd for the saturday and the sunday as well ! )
  • Check the map if you want to know where will be the next panel / activity/ etc
  • Check all of the special guests and where/when you can meet them
  • Flash many different QR codes that will be displayed around at the con giving you some bonus content in the app, it could be picture, stories and much more ! Once a code is flashed once it will be added to your own colelction.
  • Many more details but you’ll find it by yourself 😉

The app is in fact a small web app but supports fully all iOS/Android phones (I did some tests around so I guess it will be okay :p) and everyone that will be listed as a SizeCon visitor will have a login giving him/her access to all of those features for free ! 🙂

I hope that you’ll like using the app at the con and again I really hope to see many of you there ! 🙂

As usual, be sure to check the links on the right side if you need more information about the event 😉

See you soon for more news !


New artwork “The bully (part2)”

Erry wanted to save the small girl but the one that bulllied her before left her no choice but to ‘end’ this small ‘game’… Isabel was now travelling down Erry’s throat but it was not the end for her yet….

New artwork done based on a series we’ve worked on with my artist friend Lavendermyst, I might draw more of this series if I find new ideas 🙂

See you soon for more ! 🙂


New artwork “It won’t fit !” :)

Hello !

Time for a new artwork and this time a safe one for my micro girl again 😉

Some other news : I started to print the new things I’ll be bringing to the SizeCon this year and there’s already 60 prints out of the 120 I have to do… so yeah some things to take care of again 😀

Again if you want any informations about the convention, check the links on the right and see you soon for more news !! 🙂


Erry’s 1995 style !

Erry had enough of all of those ‘misadventures’ happening to her and she finally found this ‘power’ hidden within her… and no one would mess with this 2.5cm tall girl EVER AGAIN !!

Or maybe not… 😀 Happy April Fool’s day everyone !! 😀