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Today’s post will be different because I’m going to talk about something that might delay many of my projects.

I talked some time ago about a problem I have with my blood (did many exams about that…) and it just went away with some pills I had to take for some time. The doctor told me that in the worse case I would need a surgery but since my health went pretty well, the subject just disapeared.

Some weeks ago I started to feel really weird, I couldn’t really sleep anymore and my body started to hurt pretty badly… SO I took another appointment with my doctor and I had the results last week. To say it, I’ll need the surgery I was talking about before. Because of a lot of stress in my life and many things to think about, my health just gave up and the condition went badly.

I don’t know the english word for this infection but the result is that I basically can’t breath like I should. Sometimes my lungs just stop to work and I suffocate until I can get my breath back… the worst is when it happens when I sleep, i just wake up suffocating… not really helpful :/

So yeah I talked with my doctor and the solution is to go under surgery in maybe 3 months depending on how I can get all of the appointments; during that time I’ll have to do many medical visits and I’ll probably have to put on hold some of my projects, the good news in that is that once I’ll be cured from this I won’t need any surgery for this ever again.

Yesterday I had a sort of ‘blues’ about all of this since I’m kinda ‘young’ for all of this but I’m glad that I could talk about that to some friends and I now feel better about this.

In the end, I’ll probably disapear a bit during February, the surgery will take 2 days and I’ll need 3 weeks to recover from i but I’ll be sure to give news in a way or another so yes, thanks for reading this and I’ll be sure to keep all of you informed about this current situation.