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New artwork “Sharing You…”

Hello !

Time for a different thing this time ! I got a challenge about re-drawing some old picture I did some time ago so I wanted to rework this one with better hardware/software and skill ! ;p

I hope that you’ll like the result ! 😀

See you soon for more news !



Hello !

I finally managed to go to the cinema to watch this movie so here’s a short review of if, and I’ll try not to spoil it too much. I also went to watch the movie in english because I don’t really like how some movies are translated in french :p

The story is about shrinking people to “help the Earth” basically and more people will talk about it later during the movie. This idea is indeed quite good and the hero and his wife are now talking about this shrinking thing seriously because they could be rich and stuff.

Then when they decide to do this, the hero wakes up with his new ‘body’ and see a giant cookie… but it’s just a joke because in fact everything that the small ones need are at their right size. Annnnd that’s where the ‘micro lover’ within me started to be a bit ‘meh’ because yes… even if they’re small and the movie reminds us how they are from time to time well they’re living their life just the way they did when they were ‘human sized’.

I remember some random guy telling “yeah when you’ll be small will you have the same rights as us humans?”. This character gave an interesting question but is easily “get out of there!” xD

The story was yeah interesting and the characters well done but… this movie could have be done without the ‘size’ thing since I counted maybe… 3-4 interactions between humans and the small ones talking during the whole movie. It’s just like if humans and the small ones wouldn’t have to live together !

I know that this kind of movie would be hard to do mostly because of the SFX it would require, still the ones that I saw were correct. I didn’t read the book yet but I would be curious about its content… would it be kinda filled with ‘ecologic things’ like they did for the movie or would that be different.

In any case I recommend this movie because it’s fun and I hope that you’ll enjoy it if you plan to watch it one of these days.


1.5 Million !

Hello !

I finally reached 1.5 Million views on my Eka’s gallery !! So to celebrate this, here’s a little picture of Erry taking another revenge on me… 🙂

I’ll also start to fill the 2018 gallery soone nough so see you soon for more !! 😀


2018 !

Happy new year !!

It’s finally 2018 and I planned to do a loooot of things for this new year ! But for now, enjoy your annual Kimono Erry ;D I also opened a new gallery page for this year and I’ll start to fill it soon enough 🙂

See you soon for more news ! 🙂