Monthly Archives: March 2018

SizeCon 2018 !!

Hello !

Here’s some big news because the SizeCon 2018 is now officially launched !!! I’ll try to give more informations as soon as possible but for what I can say now the even twill be again during 2 days, the 28 and the 29 of July 2018. If you want more informations about the whole event or already get your tickets, check the official website and again I’ll do my best to be there this time and meet amny of you again !! 😀

See you soon for more news ! 🙂


3D Stuff for Labba ! :)

Hello !

Since I can’t really draw these days if you saw the looooong tweet I wrote about this, I’m currently doing some 3D stuff and tonight I made 5 pictures featuring my Erry and Labba’s character, the small Isa 🙂

“Sugar Heaven”

“Careful walk”

“Keep running !”

“Tinies for you ~”

“Don’t let her fall !”

Character update : Aya

Hello !

It’s been 4 years ago that I created Erry’s sister : Aya. Until now she had the same picture and it’s time for her to have an update. just below you’ll see the old and the new pictures, hope you’ll like this update ! 😀

More to come soon 🙂