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Thank you !

Hello again!

Erry ould like to thanks everyone that wished her a happy birthday today, we didn’t expect so much love from all of you so thanks a lot for all of this and see you soon for more news! 🙂


The Story of a Tiny girl… :)

It all started 5 years ago.

I’ve been into roleplaying for many years in fact but I never really had the occasion to try something ‘size-related’. Until one day when I wandered around some roleplay website and thought ‘well why not’.

This website needed a character to roleplay with and I had an old picture on my computer that I didn’t have the time to complete. This girl was looking cute in fact… so I started to complete the picture. Giving her a ripped blue dress because she would be a micro girl trying to survive in the human world and I was now stuck about her hair. I tried many colors and I wasn’t really inspired back then. Then when I removed the colors, I saw the white layer below and I thought ‘well… it could be interesting like this’ thus Erry was born.

Then I started to roleplay as her. It was fun because a lot of people wanted to ‘discover’ this tiny girl… her story, her background and more. So I started to draw her more often and started to write a full story to give her a real background. I gave her the ‘power’ to revive once she dies to make the ‘character’ more interesting. Erry was now a real girl, she had another chapter of her story then one more and another… until I made the 10th chapter of Erry’s story, giving a conclusion of her long ‘adventure’.

But even if this story was over, I never stopped to draw her and write more stories with her. Last year she even got her own twitter account and she’s meeting a lot of new people and friends on the internet even at her small size 🙂

Then it’s finally this day again. The day when she’ll become older again and I’m… really proud to have created such an interesting character… such a cute girl and I’m really happy to see some people drawing her or wanting to know more about her every day.

So yes… I wish you a really happy 5th birthday Erry and I hope that we’ll make more stories and pictures together for many more years! Even if they’re not really happy I still love to create new scenarios with you, giving you more visibility on the internet and I hope that even in 10 years, people will still remember you.

I would also like to thank you if you read this long blog post and I hope that you’ll keep following us for more projects!

Happy birthday to you, tiny girl with such a giant heart… 🙂