Moving !

Hello !

Time to give some news on my moving to my new house !

I’ll get the keys from it during the next week and I’ll start to do many things before actually starting my new life there like painting all of the walls, build some furniture and of course… move all of my boxes and stuff !

I’ll also have to make you wait a little more too because I won’t have internet right when I’ll move but I started all of the papers needed to have is asap ! 😉

I’ll try to give as much details as I can on my twitter so if you want to stay informed about my ‘return’ you’ll find those there 😉

I would also like to thanks my friend Labba to draw this adorable picture of Erry, thanks again my friend !! 😀

I’ll post more news as soon as I can so until then take care! 😉


News and stuff :)

Hello !

I finally packed half of my drawing stuff in order to prepare my move to my new house in 3 weeks. So until then let me show you some stuff I got too 😀

First a commissionned picture I got from Duni with Saphyr about to enjoy the tiny Duni Fairy… 😀

Then a gift picture I got from Labba fearturing Erry holding a StrawbErry… 😀

Thanks a lot to both of you, I really love those pictures !! 😀

See you soon for more news !


New Story : ‘Sphere’ !

Hello !

Some big news today because I completed a new story and to be honest it’s one of my best if not my best project until this day. This story is also really long and have a different style (much more realist than my other works) so I really hope that you’ll enjoy it !

In this story you’ll follow a human girl who got a tiny as her pet for her birthday and the story focus onto the two girl’s lives as they’ll grow together for the better and the worst…

Also I would like to thanks my friend Labba for designing this story’s cover, I really really really love it !!!

Feel free to read the story there or search for ‘Sphere’ in the Story menu !

See you soon for more news !


Size Stuff from Japan !!

Hello !

I ordered again some goodies from Japan some time ago and they finally arrived (still I don’t really know where I’ll put those when I’ll be living in my new house…. :p)

So without making you wait more,here they are 😀

A printed tapestry of the Vice Director Mia from Shrink High 🙂

And two illustrated novels from Iceman ! 🙂

Since I order some stuff like this from time to time I’ll try maybe to create a page showing all of my ‘size collection’ someday ! 😀

See you soon for more news ! 😉