News and stuff ! :D

Hello ! 😀

Time to give some news I guess ! 😀

First about my health condition it gets better every day ! I can now finally breathe without fearing my lungs to stop working randomly. Still I have to follow a really strict diet for some days but it’ll get better in some weeks 🙂

Second point : The SizeCon is getting closer and I still need to prepare some stuff but I’ll be ready for the big days !! I hope to meet many of you again there !! 😉

Last point : I spent the last week with my friend Eusuna that came all the way from Denmark to visit my city and it was really a good time !! We visited many places and did some activities as well but it was amazing to meet such a good friend IRL, thanks again for you visit !! 🙂

And that will be all for now. I’ll probably go back to my house this weekend or during the next one so I’ll be able to draw again soon enough.

See you soon for more news !! 🙂


Health again


Another serious blog post about my health state if maybe you read this previous post. So yeah it’s finally there and my lung surgery is planned for this next monday. Meaning that for some time (around 3 weeks) there won’t be any art post because of my time at the hospital and some days that I plan to spend at my parent’s house. I’ll try to post some news on my twitter once I’ll be out of the hospital to tell if everything had been alright. Again I would like to thanks all the friends that accepted to talk with me about this, I really needed that.

See you soon for more news ! 🙂

(picture from my wonderful artist friend Labba ! Thanks a lot !!! 😀 )


33 !

Time for me to get older again… and yep another year passed 😀 Let’s hope for this new one that I’ll still have enough motivation for my different projects !! ;D

See you soon for more news !! 😀