SizeCon 2018 Feedback !!!

Hello !

It’s been a full day since the end of the con but I reaaaaalllly needed to rest 😀

So yep as usual here’s my summary of the con !! 🙂

I landed in the US on friday and… I got lost when I was heading to the hotel even if it was really close ! It’s the second time I go to Laguardia airport and that I get lost there but after some searching I finally found a way to reach the hotel ! 😀

So when I reached the hotel I just dropped my bags in my room after meeting some people from the con and around 5 PM we started our first meeting with all the artists and staff. Once it was done, we headed to the room where we had our artist alley and started to set up stuff ^_^

As usual I took only pictures of the booths since we had a no-picture policy during the event 😉

My booth all set up !

Then I started to walk a bit around to see everyone’s booths 😉

There was some nice posters again this time hanging around some walls of the artist alley 😉

We also had a map where we could put where we were coming from, since this time I wasn’t the only one coming from Europe, we added our respective countries on the map ! 😀

During my walk I was really happy that MissKaneda put one of the special prints I did on her stand (even if again on the picture Erry is in a bad situation :p)


First day of the con, I went to the opening ceremony and I saw many new people that I didn’t saw during the firsts events, I really hoped that they would enjoy this edition of the SizeCon 🙂

Then I wen to the writing workshop, it was a really interesting panel because I could learn some new stuff about writing and it really gave me new things that I now want to try 😀

During the afternoon I went to the ‘microphile panel’ that was one of the events I really wanted to see and it was really great ! I wish there was another ‘me’ that could go to the Vore panel that happened during the same time ;p

Then I started to drink some coffee and orange juices because I was feeling the jet lag still it didn’t stopped me to talk with people at my booth or just walking around ;D

The last panel I went to was the ‘Dark Side’, it was the last panel of the day and a really interesting one because even if I draw some cute stuff… I’m really into dark stuff sometimes 🙂

Then the first day ended and I think I fall in my bed… before falling asleep a bit fast xD

The second day started and before the Con opening we talked about old fightings games with Mabo and Scidram, it was great !! 🙂

During this day I mostly walked around and talked with people because there was only a social event I wanted to go to (the dark side social) and I really needed to rest too 😀

Then the last event came… the closing ceremony and I was feeling a bit sad. The event was again really great but even that I know that this event had to end I really enjoyed it to the end 🙂

When we headed back to our rooms… we found that somehow Taedis shrunk in the hall… xD

But even if the SizeCon was over… we wanted to hang a bit outside with Taedis, MissKaneda, Aborigen and a guy named ‘James’ if I remember xD. So we headed to a Coreran BBQ place and it was a really great place ! (even if Kaneda got scared of the scallions :D). Again we had a good time talking about writing and about some techniques, it was really interesting ! 😉 Special mention for the music we heard in the taxi that made us laugh a bit (Peter Gabriel – Big Time)

Once we got back to the hotel I really started to miss those 2 days… they were really amazing and saying ‘good bye’ to people I really enjoyed to spend time with always makes me feel sad but we’ll be sure to keep talking on many medias 🙂

The next day (today) I was really happy to meet some people from the con at the hotel and even when I was going to my next hotel in Manhattan ! We talked about some stuff we could do for the next events and some other random topics, it was really great ! ;D

About the goodies I got, this year we had those nice fans since the place was a bit warm sometimes ;p

I also had this nice print and some badges/stickers from Mabo, thanks a lot again ! 😀

Maaaaany prints I got from Jitensha along with a nice hanging scroll and some badges 😀

A print and a sketch of Erry I got from Candi ;D

A cute print I got from Glowinside 😀

And many books I got from Taedis, MissKaneda and Scidram ! Looks like I’ll have some stuff to read ! 😀

And now… the big thanks to everyone who came to the Con !!! It was really great and it couldn’t have happened if you weren’t there too ! I would also thanks the following (in alphabetical order this time :p) :

  • AborigenGTS : It was really great to talk with you again and I’m really happy that you managed to sell all of you books during the first day of the con ! 😀
  • Alovera : It was great to talk with you in the dark side social and to spend some time with you and the other people from the con today 😉
  • Anoka : I was really happy to see you again !!! It’s been really a pleasure to talk with you during this Con again and I really hope that I’ll be able to come to another one 😉
  • Candi : I’m really happy that you enjoyed the con and thanks a lot again for the picture of Erry you did, it’s really adorable ! 😀
  • Featherpants : My new artist friend from Germany !! 😉 it was really great to talk with you and I hope that we’ll be able to talk again about size stuff ! 🙂
  • Giant Toby : My neighbor !!! It was really great to talk with you again this year and I hope that you’ll have fun with your model convention, it was really interesting to talk about this 😉
  • Glowinside : Thanks again for your print and the time you spent to talk with me, it was really great !! ;D
  • Gomai : Thanks a lot to you again for this year’s event !!! I know it was a lot of work and I would like to thank you again for making it possible ! 😉
  • Iamfilledwithstatic : I’m really happy to have met you !!! And Undertale rocks !!! 😀
  • Jitensha : I would like to thank you again from the bottom of my heart ! Making the first event was such a giant dream… and now we managed to make it happen 3 times ! Thanks again for the ‘idea’ of the SizeCon and for all the things we could talk about 😉
  • M31 : Thanks a lot for the picture edit you made for us, I really love it !!! 😀 I’m really sorry that we couldn’t play in the end but I’ll be sure to take some time next time I’ll come to the SizeCon for that !! 😉
  • Mabo : Thanks a lot for our small talks during those 3 years and I really hope we could talk again about fighting games again (among other things :D). It was really amazing to meet you again and thanks for your kindness… I didn’t expected that you would came this morning to talk a bit with me 😀
  • MissKaneda : My roommate !! It was really great to see you again this year ! I’ll be sure to read your book and your stories and I really hope that we’ll be able to talk about writing again ! 🙂
  • Moe rat : My new artist friend from Spain !!! It was great to talk with you and I’ll do my best to work again on the European version of the Sizecon ! 🙂
  • Praedatorius : MAH BOI !!! It was really great to see you again and I really wish I could come again so we’ll be able to talk again ! 😉
  • Scidram : The panels where you were talking about writing were really interesting and I can’t wait to read your stories ! 😉
  • Taedis : I really missed you during last year’s event but I was really happy that you could make it this year !! I’ll be sure to read your book as soon as I can and thanks a lot again for all the advice you gave me about self publishing 🙂
  • The reducer : Thanks for sharing many advices during the panels we went and I’m really happy that you enjoyed my own story 😉 I’ll be sure to read some of your works !! 🙂

I probably forgot some people… I’m really sorry but I thank you too for being there at the con !! 😀 I don’t know if I’ll be able to travel another time for the next convention but… I’ll be sure to do my best to help the event to happen  another time ! (and even work again on the app :p). Thanks a lot again to every people that made this event happen because it was again some precious memories and even if I had to travel to the other side of the world… it was TOTALLY WORTH IT !!!

See you soon for more news on the blog and until then take care !! 🙂


SizeCon News !

Hello !!!

I’m getting ready for the SizeCon and I already took my tickets ! I now need to work on this year’s goodies and everything will be ready ! 😉

Again if you need any inrromation about this year’s event, check the logo on the right of the website or visit our website ‘‘ ! Just like last year I can’t wait to meet many of you and I hope that we’ll  again have some time to talk about anything ! 😉

See you soon for more news ! 😀


SizeCon 2018 !!

Hello !

Here’s some big news because the SizeCon 2018 is now officially launched !!! I’ll try to give more informations as soon as possible but for what I can say now the even twill be again during 2 days, the 28 and the 29 of July 2018. If you want more informations about the whole event or already get your tickets, check the official website and again I’ll do my best to be there this time and meet amny of you again !! 😀

See you soon for more news ! 🙂


New stories !!

Hello !

Some time ago with many other writers we worked on a SizeCon Anthology that would feature a story by each writer. Unfortunately this project couldn’t be done on time so I would like to share the story on the website as usual for free 😉

The story is called ‘An unexpected encounter’ and I wrote it in english but also in french and it’s a bit different from the usual stuff that I write. I hope that you’ll enjoy it and I’ll see you soon for more news ! (still in the US for 2 days 😉 )

If you want to read the story it’s right here 🙂


SizeCon 2017 feedback !

(Sorry for the delay, I planned to complete this article yesterday but I was wayyyy too tired and almost fall asleep on my laptop xD)

Hello !

It finally happened and I just came back from the second day of the SizeCon 2017 ! Again I’m really tired but I’ll do my best to write this down 🙂

So well I landed in the US on Friday and I managed to reach the hotel 2 hours later (immigration security and everything since I’m not really from there :p). I didn’t even put my bags in my room that I wanted too see the place and well if you remember last year’s feedback it was much more ‘spacious’ 😀

One part of the artist’s alley this year (we had 3 rooms this year)

And some posters that were around on the different walls 🙂

So yeah we started to put all the props in the different rooms and prepare everything around. I met some new people and some others that I already saw last year !

And finally the morning after a good but short night (thanks to the jetlag ! :D) where the convention started ! I finished to setup my stand and all the goodies I’ve brought 🙂 (only half of the pictures because I kept the other part for today :p)

Then I started to walk around, met some people and some artists I didn’t knew before and some other people that I wanted to meet or meet again ! (Anoka, Aborigen, Jitensha, Miss Kaneda, MilkyBody, Praedatorius, Safkteur, Larry, and many more !). Then the many panels and activities started as well, I went to the ‘Dark Side’ panel because it was the most interesting for me and unfortunately I missed the writer’s panel but I was talking with someone and I wouldn’t just go away like this :p . In the activities room I tried the ‘size cards against humanity’ and we had a good laugh there (if I remember some excellent jokes I’ll post them :p), I also tried the other games there even if I already have GunGun Pixies :p

Then when I returned to my booth I had some people to talk with, some of them even knew my works and it was again amazing to meet some fans ^_^. I also saw some people wearing the badges I’ve brought and using the app, it was fun :3

During the afternoon I met some other artists and I got a commission picture from Devria, the result is so cute 😀

And the first day ended with a Champagne toast to celebrate the success of the Con ! Last year we were 125 and this year we were 160 for the 2 days so yeah I’m really glad that we made it again and that even if we had trolls telling that it wouldn’t work well… WE MADE IT !!!!!

After this we spent some time with JDO, Aborigen and Kaneda talking around some pizzas and beers, it was really amazing again because talking with people you only knew on the internet is always exciting. We shared about some of our projects, different other topics and sometimes about random stuff (the Size Dab and the Chocobo ! :D) Still it was really a nice night !!

The second day started and I was a bit tired (jet lag agin :p) but I couldn’t wait for the day to start, I went down a bit early and met Mac from interwebcomics so we could talk a bit before the doors finally opened, I also saw some nice props made for the con 😀 (and I really needed a coffee like this !!)

Before the con, Braxia had the good idea to bring some Overwatch and Pokemon Fusion jokes, it was fun and I could actually play on my 3DS again some Smash Bros (I didn’t forgot my charger this time :p).

Theeeennnn the Vore panel started. I was again one of the panelists among with Jitensha, TinySupeVicky, Larry (Giant Toby), MrIshimaru and Saftkeur. I was a bit shy again… not because talking about this subject bothers me but much more because I’m sometimes not really confident with my english skills but it still went smoothly and in the end the panel was a success ^_^

Since the convention was planned for 2 days and that many people visited our booths, I went on to talk more with much more people and it was fantastic ^_^ Usually it’s a bit hard for me to talk about my works because I’m always ‘not sure’ about my skills but people really wanted to know more and I really appreciated it 😀

another view from my booth ^_^

Later during the day we had a small ‘meeting’ to thanks everyone for the success of this second SizeCon and something really unexpected happened… a wedding proposal during the con ! It was soooo cool and I wish to both of them the best !

And well… even the best things have their end, we cleaned everything and spent some time talking after most of the people leaved but we didn’t really wanted all of this to end… But I’m glad that we had many people hyped for another event to happen and I really hope that there will be more ! 🙂

The small trap… gift we leaved for the hotel staff that accepted to host the con 🙂

Again this year we had an amazing time and i think everyone had too 🙂 I would again thanks the following :

  • Bryan and Jitensha for making this possible from the start ! It was a really big job and you managed to do it twice, really thanks a lot again !!!
  • Praedatorius Mah boi !!! It was amazing to finally meet you and it was really fun ^_^
  • Saftkeur and MrIshimaru : it was really nice to have some other people from the Portal coming at the con and the panel was great ! 🙂
  • Anoka : I reaaaaaally wanted to meet you at the Con and i hope that you also enjoyed those 2 days ! 😉
  • Larry : It was really nice to talk with you on many topics ! 🙂
  • Mabo : I didn’t expected to meet you in the elevator xD but it was really nice to see you again ! 🙂
  • Devria : thanks for making this picture again I love it ! 🙂
  • Aborigen, JDO and Miss Kaneda : It was really great to talk and spend some time with you ! I wish we could meet again at another Con ! 😉
  • Hampton comic book show : I’m just amazed by your comic collection and it was really nice to talk with you ! 😉
  • And the many people I may have forgotten ^_^;

Again I’m just amazed by how this event turned out and I REALLY want to support such an event again if there’s a SizeCon 2018 planned :p It also helped me a lot again to accept more this ‘side’ of my lire I prefer sometimes to hide and I’m really happy to have people that listened and shared with me so thanks again from the bottom of my heart !


Goodies 2017 !

Hello !

I finally got the goodies I ordered for the SizeCon and they finally arrived ! I asked for much more badges than last year’s and with 2 designs but they’re a bit smaller too :p So yeah there will be 40 of them for the convention and… well just 1 last week to wait !!

I can’t wait to be there again and I hope to meet many of you there too ! 😀

See you soon for more news ! 🙂


1 month left !

Hello !

Yup another SizeCon promo picture but the event is getting really closer !! Just one month left to wait before meeting some of you there and I’m also nearly done with the many goodies that I’ll bring 😀 I’ll be sure to show you some pictures once I’ll have all of them printed so stay tuned ! ^_^

If you need more news about the SizeCon 2017 event, be sure to check the link on the right side of the website 😉

See you next time for more news !


The SizeCon app is there !

Hello !

Some news since I now can talk about it 😀 I’ve been workign for some time on a big project for the next SizeCon and it’s now almost ready ! This project is a ‘companion app’ for every SizeCon visitor and will allow you to do stuff like :

  • Faving some panels / artists / activities to plan a bit what you’ll be doing during the 2 days (it workd for the saturday and the sunday as well ! )
  • Check the map if you want to know where will be the next panel / activity/ etc
  • Check all of the special guests and where/when you can meet them
  • Flash many different QR codes that will be displayed around at the con giving you some bonus content in the app, it could be picture, stories and much more ! Once a code is flashed once it will be added to your own colelction.
  • Many more details but you’ll find it by yourself 😉

The app is in fact a small web app but supports fully all iOS/Android phones (I did some tests around so I guess it will be okay :p) and everyone that will be listed as a SizeCon visitor will have a login giving him/her access to all of those features for free ! 🙂

I hope that you’ll like using the app at the con and again I really hope to see many of you there ! 🙂

As usual, be sure to check the links on the right side if you need more information about the event 😉

See you soon for more news !