New dark zone picture

Hello !

I added a new picture in the dark zone but as usual I won’t display it in the main news feed so you’ll have to go to see it yourself ;p

I’m also working on some new stuff these days and maybe a small animation project that I’ll tell more about soon.

See you soon for more news ! 🙂


New Dark Zone Story


It’s been some time I hadn’t posted in taht zone but there’s now a new story there featuring Cysh and another of her OC Saya enjoying some fun times together… but some other micro people won’t really enjoy that too…

Be warned that because of its ‘Dark Zone’ label that this story is really violent and bloody, and as usual I won’t link it but you know in which tab you can find it.

See you soon for more news.


New Dark Zone story


I added a new story into the Dark Zone of the website called “the ‘Magic’ pill”. This story is well… pretty dark and it’s also my very first try at scat stuff. To tell you the truth it’s not one of the preferences that I have but I really wanted to… try. So here’s the result, I don’t know if I’ll write/draw more stuff like this again but well… I managed to let out this idea out of y brain 🙂

See you soon for more news !


Dark Zone updated


Yesterday I decided that well since usually I don’t post anything to tell about the new stuff in the Dark Zone I’ll do it from now. It wasn’t something I didn’t really wanted to talk about on the blog before since it’s well mostly hard and bloody stuff but since it’s a part of my works I’ll be now talking about this as well but without any picture related on the blog 🙂

Besides yeah I posted a new story in it called ‘Meat…’, it’s based on a picture I did at the end of last year and will be… cruel again but well ^_^;

I’ll also post some more news about the website today so sty tuned 🙂