Size Stuff from Japan !!

Hello !

I ordered again some goodies from Japan some time ago and they finally arrived (still I don’t really know where I’ll put those when I’ll be living in my new house…. :p)

So without making you wait more,here they are 😀

A printed tapestry of the Vice Director Mia from Shrink High 🙂

And two illustrated novels from Iceman ! 🙂

Since I order some stuff like this from time to time I’ll try maybe to create a page showing all of my ‘size collection’ someday ! 😀

See you soon for more news ! 😉


Goodies !


Hello !

It’s been now a while that I wanted to do this but you can have now some custom mugs with a Erry design that I made some time ago ! 🙂 Since as I said many times I don’t want to ‘sell’ my art, the mugs will be royalty free (that means I won’t get any money from each sell) and you’ll have the best prices for them too ! 🙂

For now I created a white and black designs but more will be added as soon as I have more ideas. I also tried to do a ‘safe’ design so I could bring that to my IRL work too XD. Hope you’ll them ! If you want to see the picture itself check it right below 🙂


And if you feel to order a mug, please check this link or click on the chibi Erry on the right side ! 😉

See you soon for more news ! 🙂