New hardware stuff


I got last week a new controller I really wanted and after some tests with it it’s really interesting 😀

The beast :


So yeah a Steam controller, I ordered it some time ago and was really expecting it. About the whole thing it’s a really nice device, the only things that well I found a bit strange are first the direction pad (the top left one) that is a bit ‘big’ and the ABXY buttons that are a bit ‘misplaced’; I used a 360′ controller before and I was maybe too used to it haha :p but still it’s working fine.

The right stick alsdo need some time to get used to since it’s a touch device but in the end it’s reacting well. I moslty tried it on USF4, BlazBlue and Binding of Isaac so yeah some really different games :p

Annnnd that’s all for this review, it’s not really related to the usual stuff I’m posting but well there will be more serious posts soon enough (working a lot on the game these days) and I’ll have much more to say soon too 😉

See you next time for more !