So I survived 2018

Hello and sorry for the title …! :p

So yep another year ended and I would like to do a small feedback of it.

First this year was a real challenge for me because I had this lung surgery in May and to be honest it was some serious stuff. For the ones who didn’t know about it; it all started with a blood infection and it started to spread onto my lungs and some organs around like my stomach and others. It had to be removed because my lungs started to stop working randomly and if I just left it be I wouldn’t probably be alive to talk about this today. The surgery itself was about ‘cutting’ and removing the infected parts because we couldn’t do anything else and I now fully recovered from this. I really would like to thanks all of the friends who supported me during this heavy part of this year and thanks to all of your support and the amazing work of the surgeon I can finally breathe without fear and I can also sleep peacefully without worrying being able to wake up or not during the next day!

I also had to deal with many issues regarding my new house since it was a new building. it took me some nights where I just couldn’t sleep but it’s finally over and I’m now happily living in it! I’m just slowly getting used to such a big place for myself but with my tiny Erry around it’s really nice 😀

Now the other topics 🙂

It was a really productive year if not the most productive regarding Art. I beat my previous record with 2018 with 121 pictures and some stories too! I was really happy to draw and will be sure to do more during 2019! 😉

Regarding stories now: I started to work on a real book project and I’m REALLY hyped about this one. It will be available worldwide and in English as well! (because if I wrote this one in French, not much people would be able to understand 🙂 )

IRL projects: I was really happy to be able to go to the SizeCon this year again, it was sooo AMAZING and I’ll never stop to say this too! Because of my new house, my budget for this year is really limited and I don’t think I’ll be able to travel int he USA for a fifth time but… I don’t have any regrets because this event was just worth to go to even if it was at the other side of the world and I know that it will be still amazing for the people that want to go there 😉

On another topic: I’ve been working a lot on my game as some of you know but because of a big lack on motivation to work on it and many things that I had to deal with, I decided to put my game project on hold for some time. I didn’t decide to ‘give up’ on it but I need time to do some stuff on it and I just don’t have it now. Sorry again for all the people waiting for this project.

Another incoming big project: We’re currently working with big friends on a REALLY BIG project these days and we hope to release it as soon as we can but we’re really hyped about it !! I can’t say much about it right now but it will really be something ! 😉

So yep… 2018. I met many amazing people and some close friends too now… so I would like to thank all of the following. I’m sorry if your name isn’t listed there but you know where you are that I care for you too 😉

Aborigen, Taedis and Miss Kaneda : Thanks to the 3 of you for giving me the motivation to work on my own book project. I’ve not been able to take this decision before because it’s such a ‘giant step’ to take and this idea is just crazy but because you gave me motivation, I took this step and I now can’t wait to be able to show you this ‘baby’! 😉

Anoka: You really gave me motivation for my book too and I would like to thank you for this too! 😉

Ben: Thanks for your amazing pictures, your tiny Nova is just adorable and I never expected you to draw Erry that many times too so thanks a lot to you! 😉

Elle: Someone I ‘met’ not so long ago but that I know that I can trust ! I’m really happy that you trusted me to take care of your website and I’ll be happy to provide you again all the help that you need for it! 😉

Eusuna: We finally managed to meet IRL !! I would like to thank you for visiting me in my own country and for all the time we spend to talk, you’re a really great friend! 😉

Jenny: We talked a lot about our common passions and I would like to add you on this special list because I’ve been following your artworks for a long time and I never expected that someday we would talk like we do today, thanks a lot for your friendship! 😉

Jitensha: As usual I don’t have enough words to thank you for all of what you did for the SizeCon events and what you did for my own life too… thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Julie: My new close friend! 🙂 Thanks for understanding those needs I had in my life and to give me advice and help when I had questions 🙂

Labba: My new ‘brother’! It was just amazing to meet you this year if you don’t count this note on DA and I would like to thank you for all the pictures you did and the support you gave me when I needed so thanks a lot to you! ;D

Mabo: It was really great to see you at the SizeCon again! I wish I could travel there again to meet you again my friend! I hope 2019 will be another amazing year for you too! 🙂

Nyx: We don’t talk often I know but each time it’s really worth and thank you for your advice and letting me draw some small thing for you, you’re really someone important for our community my friend! 😉

Shyny: You told me someday that you weren’t someone special, well let me prove you that it’s not true. You’re a really good friend and even if you consider yourself not really important for the community, I can tell you that even the smallest thing you did to help the community is important. Thanks for your work in the ‘shadows’ and I’ll be sure to thank you again and again ! 🙂

Tina: Where can I start…? You were there when I was at the bottom of my despair… you helped me to stand again and gave me the energy I needed to ‘fuel’ many big projects and I’m really happy that you are a part of them too. Thanks for your help, Thanks for your sympathy and thanks for being who you are.

And now a last serious topic.

This year I took another step ‘closer’ to some close friends and I even decided to ‘break’ the fourth wall with some of you. It was something really hard for me because I had many things spinning in my mind like “what if they reject me now”, “what will they think of me if I reveal my real identity” or “will I be worth their friendship if I decide to show the ‘real self’ of me…?”

It was the right choice for me. My friends accepted me like I was, not as Kreeyz anymore but as the real “me”. I was really surprised when some of you actually talked with me using my real name and… I can’t lie that I shed some tears when it happened because you actually ‘reached’ my feelings and I can’t thank you enough for all of this.

So I decided to give myself another challenge for 2019 and I’ll do my best to ‘work’ on it…

I decided to ‘open’ myself more about ‘Size’ to the ones surrounding me.

In my country, it’s not something we could talk freely about because we have something that I call the ‘old ideas from the past’ but honestly, I don’t care. I decided some weeks ago to do a small ‘Labba Wall’ on my wall by displaying many pictures he did of Erry and the cover he also did for Sphere.

“So it’s just ‘pictures’ right…?” you might think? I agree it’s not someone more than 30 years old would probably display in his house and it’s nothing really serious too but… it’s not the only decision I took.

Actually, I have a lot of friends that visit me from time to time and each time I have to ‘hide’ some stuff if you have discovered my ‘Size Collection‘.

I don’t want to hide all of this anymore.

I want to live freely my macrophilia and if someone tells me that I’m a deviant or anything like this… sorry but I won’t care about this.

I decided to break the wall with some friends to say how proud I am about this part of me and I will now ‘show’ more and more of this slowly. For now, it’s just the pictures my friend did for me and also all of those amazing books I got from my author friends but soon… I will try to ‘break’ all of those obstacles in front of me because no one should have to tell me how I should live and I want to assume this choice to the end.

When I was young, many times I had to ‘hide’ my drawings and my ‘interests’ many times, I don’t want to do this anymore. I am who I am and the choices I made for my life only depend on me. If someone wants to know more about macrophilia, I’ll be happy to talk with them because it’s not something that would be seen as something bad… It’s a part of my life and I now ACCEPT it fully!

Thanks a  lot for reading this and I’ll be happy to share more during 2019, see you next time !


The Story of a Tiny girl… :)

It all started 5 years ago.

I’ve been into roleplaying for many years in fact but I never really had the occasion to try something ‘size-related’. Until one day when I wandered around some roleplay website and thought ‘well why not’.

This website needed a character to roleplay with and I had an old picture on my computer that I didn’t have the time to complete. This girl was looking cute in fact… so I started to complete the picture. Giving her a ripped blue dress because she would be a micro girl trying to survive in the human world and I was now stuck about her hair. I tried many colors and I wasn’t really inspired back then. Then when I removed the colors, I saw the white layer below and I thought ‘well… it could be interesting like this’ thus Erry was born.

Then I started to roleplay as her. It was fun because a lot of people wanted to ‘discover’ this tiny girl… her story, her background and more. So I started to draw her more often and started to write a full story to give her a real background. I gave her the ‘power’ to revive once she dies to make the ‘character’ more interesting. Erry was now a real girl, she had another chapter of her story then one more and another… until I made the 10th chapter of Erry’s story, giving a conclusion of her long ‘adventure’.

But even if this story was over, I never stopped to draw her and write more stories with her. Last year she even got her own twitter account and she’s meeting a lot of new people and friends on the internet even at her small size 🙂

Then it’s finally this day again. The day when she’ll become older again and I’m… really proud to have created such an interesting character… such a cute girl and I’m really happy to see some people drawing her or wanting to know more about her every day.

So yes… I wish you a really happy 5th birthday Erry and I hope that we’ll make more stories and pictures together for many more years! Even if they’re not really happy I still love to create new scenarios with you, giving you more visibility on the internet and I hope that even in 10 years, people will still remember you.

I would also like to thank you if you read this long blog post and I hope that you’ll keep following us for more projects!

Happy birthday to you, tiny girl with such a giant heart… 🙂


Moving !

Hello !

Time to give some news on my moving to my new house !

I’ll get the keys from it during the next week and I’ll start to do many things before actually starting my new life there like painting all of the walls, build some furniture and of course… move all of my boxes and stuff !

I’ll also have to make you wait a little more too because I won’t have internet right when I’ll move but I started all of the papers needed to have is asap ! 😉

I’ll try to give as much details as I can on my twitter so if you want to stay informed about my ‘return’ you’ll find those there 😉

I would also like to thanks my friend Labba to draw this adorable picture of Erry, thanks again my friend !! 😀

I’ll post more news as soon as I can so until then take care! 😉


Size Stuff from Japan !!

Hello !

I ordered again some goodies from Japan some time ago and they finally arrived (still I don’t really know where I’ll put those when I’ll be living in my new house…. :p)

So without making you wait more,here they are 😀

A printed tapestry of the Vice Director Mia from Shrink High 🙂

And two illustrated novels from Iceman ! 🙂

Since I order some stuff like this from time to time I’ll try maybe to create a page showing all of my ‘size collection’ someday ! 😀

See you soon for more news ! 😉


SizeCon 2018 Feedback !!!

Hello !

It’s been a full day since the end of the con but I reaaaaalllly needed to rest 😀

So yep as usual here’s my summary of the con !! 🙂

I landed in the US on friday and… I got lost when I was heading to the hotel even if it was really close ! It’s the second time I go to Laguardia airport and that I get lost there but after some searching I finally found a way to reach the hotel ! 😀

So when I reached the hotel I just dropped my bags in my room after meeting some people from the con and around 5 PM we started our first meeting with all the artists and staff. Once it was done, we headed to the room where we had our artist alley and started to set up stuff ^_^

As usual I took only pictures of the booths since we had a no-picture policy during the event 😉

My booth all set up !

Then I started to walk a bit around to see everyone’s booths 😉

There was some nice posters again this time hanging around some walls of the artist alley 😉

We also had a map where we could put where we were coming from, since this time I wasn’t the only one coming from Europe, we added our respective countries on the map ! 😀

During my walk I was really happy that MissKaneda put one of the special prints I did on her stand (even if again on the picture Erry is in a bad situation :p)


First day of the con, I went to the opening ceremony and I saw many new people that I didn’t saw during the firsts events, I really hoped that they would enjoy this edition of the SizeCon 🙂

Then I wen to the writing workshop, it was a really interesting panel because I could learn some new stuff about writing and it really gave me new things that I now want to try 😀

During the afternoon I went to the ‘microphile panel’ that was one of the events I really wanted to see and it was really great ! I wish there was another ‘me’ that could go to the Vore panel that happened during the same time ;p

Then I started to drink some coffee and orange juices because I was feeling the jet lag still it didn’t stopped me to talk with people at my booth or just walking around ;D

The last panel I went to was the ‘Dark Side’, it was the last panel of the day and a really interesting one because even if I draw some cute stuff… I’m really into dark stuff sometimes 🙂

Then the first day ended and I think I fall in my bed… before falling asleep a bit fast xD

The second day started and before the Con opening we talked about old fightings games with Mabo and Scidram, it was great !! 🙂

During this day I mostly walked around and talked with people because there was only a social event I wanted to go to (the dark side social) and I really needed to rest too 😀

Then the last event came… the closing ceremony and I was feeling a bit sad. The event was again really great but even that I know that this event had to end I really enjoyed it to the end 🙂

When we headed back to our rooms… we found that somehow Taedis shrunk in the hall… xD

But even if the SizeCon was over… we wanted to hang a bit outside with Taedis, MissKaneda, Aborigen and a guy named ‘James’ if I remember xD. So we headed to a Coreran BBQ place and it was a really great place ! (even if Kaneda got scared of the scallions :D). Again we had a good time talking about writing and about some techniques, it was really interesting ! 😉 Special mention for the music we heard in the taxi that made us laugh a bit (Peter Gabriel – Big Time)

Once we got back to the hotel I really started to miss those 2 days… they were really amazing and saying ‘good bye’ to people I really enjoyed to spend time with always makes me feel sad but we’ll be sure to keep talking on many medias 🙂

The next day (today) I was really happy to meet some people from the con at the hotel and even when I was going to my next hotel in Manhattan ! We talked about some stuff we could do for the next events and some other random topics, it was really great ! ;D

About the goodies I got, this year we had those nice fans since the place was a bit warm sometimes ;p

I also had this nice print and some badges/stickers from Mabo, thanks a lot again ! 😀

Maaaaany prints I got from Jitensha along with a nice hanging scroll and some badges 😀

A print and a sketch of Erry I got from Candi ;D

A cute print I got from Glowinside 😀

And many books I got from Taedis, MissKaneda and Scidram ! Looks like I’ll have some stuff to read ! 😀

And now… the big thanks to everyone who came to the Con !!! It was really great and it couldn’t have happened if you weren’t there too ! I would also thanks the following (in alphabetical order this time :p) :

  • AborigenGTS : It was really great to talk with you again and I’m really happy that you managed to sell all of you books during the first day of the con ! 😀
  • Alovera : It was great to talk with you in the dark side social and to spend some time with you and the other people from the con today 😉
  • Anoka : I was really happy to see you again !!! It’s been really a pleasure to talk with you during this Con again and I really hope that I’ll be able to come to another one 😉
  • Candi : I’m really happy that you enjoyed the con and thanks a lot again for the picture of Erry you did, it’s really adorable ! 😀
  • Featherpants : My new artist friend from Germany !! 😉 it was really great to talk with you and I hope that we’ll be able to talk again about size stuff ! 🙂
  • Giant Toby : My neighbor !!! It was really great to talk with you again this year and I hope that you’ll have fun with your model convention, it was really interesting to talk about this 😉
  • Glowinside : Thanks again for your print and the time you spent to talk with me, it was really great !! ;D
  • Gomai : Thanks a lot to you again for this year’s event !!! I know it was a lot of work and I would like to thank you again for making it possible ! 😉
  • Iamfilledwithstatic : I’m really happy to have met you !!! And Undertale rocks !!! 😀
  • Jitensha : I would like to thank you again from the bottom of my heart ! Making the first event was such a giant dream… and now we managed to make it happen 3 times ! Thanks again for the ‘idea’ of the SizeCon and for all the things we could talk about 😉
  • M31 : Thanks a lot for the picture edit you made for us, I really love it !!! 😀 I’m really sorry that we couldn’t play in the end but I’ll be sure to take some time next time I’ll come to the SizeCon for that !! 😉
  • Mabo : Thanks a lot for our small talks during those 3 years and I really hope we could talk again about fighting games again (among other things :D). It was really amazing to meet you again and thanks for your kindness… I didn’t expected that you would came this morning to talk a bit with me 😀
  • MissKaneda : My roommate !! It was really great to see you again this year ! I’ll be sure to read your book and your stories and I really hope that we’ll be able to talk about writing again ! 🙂
  • Moe rat : My new artist friend from Spain !!! It was great to talk with you and I’ll do my best to work again on the European version of the Sizecon ! 🙂
  • Praedatorius : MAH BOI !!! It was really great to see you again and I really wish I could come again so we’ll be able to talk again ! 😉
  • Scidram : The panels where you were talking about writing were really interesting and I can’t wait to read your stories ! 😉
  • Taedis : I really missed you during last year’s event but I was really happy that you could make it this year !! I’ll be sure to read your book as soon as I can and thanks a lot again for all the advice you gave me about self publishing 🙂
  • The reducer : Thanks for sharing many advices during the panels we went and I’m really happy that you enjoyed my own story 😉 I’ll be sure to read some of your works !! 🙂

I probably forgot some people… I’m really sorry but I thank you too for being there at the con !! 😀 I don’t know if I’ll be able to travel another time for the next convention but… I’ll be sure to do my best to help the event to happen  another time ! (and even work again on the app :p). Thanks a lot again to every people that made this event happen because it was again some precious memories and even if I had to travel to the other side of the world… it was TOTALLY WORTH IT !!!

See you soon for more news on the blog and until then take care !! 🙂