2017 !!

Happy new year everyone !!

Another year ended and well… for 2017 I’ll be working on some new projects and of course try to complete some others. Thanks a lot again for your support and I hope that you’ll like what will be coming soon too ! 🙂


2 Years !

Hello !

A small post to ‘celebrate’ the 2 years of my website !! It’s been already some time and I added many stuff on it but I have much more in mind too ! Thanks a lot to everyone for your support and see you soon enough for more stuff ! 😉


3D !



Time to add a new gallery on the website ! A friend of mine gave some days ago a ‘game’ where you can design many 3D characters then put them in different situations. I was searchign a bit in the options and I found it… the ‘Size scaling’ option ! So yeah you know what I did next… 😀 You can find many 3D pictures I did these lasts days in the new gallery right here and I’ll be sure to post more once I’ll have more ideas ! 😉

See you very soon for more news 😀


Goodies !


Hello !

It’s been now a while that I wanted to do this but you can have now some custom mugs with a Erry design that I made some time ago ! 🙂 Since as I said many times I don’t want to ‘sell’ my art, the mugs will be royalty free (that means I won’t get any money from each sell) and you’ll have the best prices for them too ! 🙂

For now I created a white and black designs but more will be added as soon as I have more ideas. I also tried to do a ‘safe’ design so I could bring that to my IRL work too XD. Hope you’ll them ! If you want to see the picture itself check it right below 🙂


And if you feel to order a mug, please check this link or click on the chibi Erry on the right side ! 😉

See you soon for more news ! 🙂


New Story : Erry Story part 7 – Past


Hello !

Time for a new chapter of Erry’s life and this time it will happen again thousands of years before Erry’s Era. So who will be about  ? Another girl named Erelle that you already met in chapter 3 and what happened to her right after this chapter.

This chapter will also introduce some big questions you might ask to yourself and some answers will be given but there’s a lot more questions to be answered in the next chapters too ! 😉

If you want to read it click right here or choose it in the menus 😉

I also hanged a bit the stories page so it will fit all of those chapters 🙂

Hope you’ll like it and see you soon enough for more news ! 🙂


New Ebook (part 4) !!



Time for a new Ebook to appear on the downloads page ! This time it’s again one of Erry’s Story chapters, the fourth one, but it’s also a chapter that a great follower Kiloby helped me to correct so thanks a lot for this !!! :3

As usual if you don’t want the ebook version of this story you can still read it right here ! 🙂

See you soon for more news !! 🙂