Dark Zone

This Section contains specific material and is destined to specific viewers. It contains graphic violence like blood, graphic digestion and some other types of content not recommended to all of the visitors.


Dark Zone Gallery :

Pictures I couldn’t put anywhere else.

Link to the gallery


Erry “Love Story” :

A picture story I did some months ago featuring Erry and 2 girls (a regular one and a futanari) having fun with their ‘little toy’… Warning : sexual content / cock vore.

Link to the story


Broken Candy :

A  story based on 4 old pictures witch contains hard vore, blood and graphic digestion.

Link to the story


Innocent Blood… :

A  short story based on an idea I had some time ago… Contains hard vore, blood and graphic digestion.

Link to the story


Meat… :

Another short story about how the tiny ones are used… as food. Contains hard vore and blood

Link to the story


The ‘Magic’ pill :

A short story about a new ‘medicine’ supposed to cure any human sickness but what is in those small pills is way different… Contains graphic digestion, blood and scat content.

Link to the story


Foximination :

A story where Erry finds herself in a way different place from usual but her situation won’t really be different from usual… Contains hard vore, blood and sexual content.

Link to the story


Hopeless… :

A story ithout Erry but showing how hard is life for some small ones… This story will focus one a new character named ‘Hope’. Contains blood and really explicit content.

Link to the story