The same timeline but at a far off place. It was early in the morning and the sun was slowly rising in the sky, making the birds sing. Near a small lake was a Japanese shrine made of wood but still looking perfectly built even after many years of existence. Besides the lake was a small field with many flowers of any kinds but something was different today.

Among the flowers started to burn a tiny blue flame, not burning anything around but soon it started to grow a bit before a small glow appeared within. This small flame was still burning  some bright blue flames until the glow from before took a different shape, just like a girl’s body and with a tiny flash, the flame vanished from this place, leaving on the ground a small sleeping girl with white hair but not wearing anything. This girl’s body was moving slowly with her breath but even if it looked just like a human girl she was in fact smaller than the flowers that were all around her. The small body had suddenly a shiver, she could hear some water sounds around and a soft breeze that gave her tiny body another shiver. The small girl slowly opened her eyes and looked in front of her before trying to sit, she was feeling really tired but was now looking upwards. A bit above her were some flowers then a deep blue sky just like the small one’s eyes who had another shiver before opening her lips “Where… where am I…?”. The small one managed to stand up before feeling her body getting numb, she was falling on the side but managed to stop her fall on a small rock. “Err… Erry.” Said the small one while trying to remember how she got there, remembering her own name was something important to start from. She was now walking and noticed what looked like some giant human houses nearby but they were really different from the ones she visited before. Erry winced “Well… I guess I don’t really have a choice” said the girl while walking inside of some tall grass, her tiny naked body getting a bit soaked by the morning dew that was on the grass. She knew that she would probably need to steal some food from the humans living in that place but there weren’t much more choices for her right now, it was her everyday’s life as a tiny after all. “I… wonder where I am…” said Erry while trying to think about how she could have ‘landed’ to such a place. It was way different from every place she visited in her small life. Erry suddenly placed her hand on her small head, feeling dizzy, her mind getting blurry. “No… what…” said Erry while feeling her body getting heavy, falling again on the side she could’t stop it this time and her tiny body hit the ground. Erry’s eyelids were feeling heavy… her body was feeling exhausted but she wasn’t understanding why and didn’t knew that she just ‘appeared’ in that place too. Erry’s eyes finally closed while she tried to resist this urge to sleep but in the end couldn’t fight back and after some seconds passed out at the center of the small flower field.

Saya was a young girl living in a Japanese shrine, she was wearing a white and light purple kimono. She was walking silently onto the wooden ground, already feeling some sun rays onto her skin. Opening a door, she was now at the entrance of this temple where she saw two pairs of geta sandals onto the ground. Two of them were the same light blue color that she was wearing and the other ones were red but also a bit taller, taking them she put them on and walked outside of the shrine, now thinking about what she could do today. As she was taking some steps on a small road, she could feel a soft breeze passing within her white hair while her two fox ears moved a bit. Indeed she wasn’t a human, her mother explained her that both of them were called ‘Kitsunes’ that was like a mix between a human and a fox bodies. Behind her was floating a long white tail just like a small cloud carried by the wind, she was looking at it from time to time before she resumed to walk slowly. Now near a small lake, Saya was listening to all of the sounds around, her fox ears moving to each single sound. The sun was getting brighter and more creatures were now waking up all around, Saya wasn’t afraid of anything because the other creatures were always far away from the shrine but also because they were probably scared by the people living in it. Saya yawned and stretched her arms, feeling a small tear pour out if her blue eye, she removed it with a finger while she was now looking a bit at the ground, noticing some flowers. With a small giggle, Saya extended her arm and carefully closed her fingers onto some tiny flowers that she easily pulled off the ground before putting some of them in her hair, just a bit on the too of her left ear. Her eyes blinked and suddenly stopped onto something that was lying on the ground nearby. Saya moved her hand above and picked up the small thing before putting it in front of her eyes, looking at this tiny creature that was a small sleeping girl, smaller than her own thumb but that had bright white hair. Saya was now looking at this girl that was unconscious before licking her lips “I wonder how you got there… you’re usually not able to exit our house but looks like you did it hehe~” Saya had a giggle while she closed her fingers onto the small body before standing up and walking back towards the shrine “In the end it won’t really change the result for you, in fact I didn’t had breakfast yet and Mommy will be up soon…”

Back at the shrine, Saya removed her geta at the entrance and went in a small hall. Passing by a room she listened a bit before resuming to walk, the other one inside of the room was probably still sleeping. Opening another door, Saya was now in a kitchen with many different kinds of food and delicate smells around, her small nose happily ‘welcoming’ all of those smells while she closed the door behind her. She moved her hand above a table and dropped the tiny girl that landed heavily into the wooden surface but still not moving. Saya turned on a small fire and placed something onto it before moving back to the table, placing some things around. There was some bread, two small tea cups and many different ingredients Saya and her mother could use. She finally placed a small box on the table where some small cries were coming from…

Saya opened the small box and put her hand inside with a smile before picking something inside. When she started to raise her hand again, there was something moving between her fingers and that was in fact two small people just like the one she picked up outside before! Saya didn’t closed the box yet but moved the two small ones closer to the tea cups she put on the table before opening her fingers and make the small ones fall inside of the cups. One of them was a small woman that was screaming from fear, she was begging for her tiny life but Saya didn’t really seemed to listen her. Instead, the fox girl turned away from the table and picked up what she put on the fire before. “No… please!!!” Screamed the small woman while she saw something big getting closer to the cups, but again Saya wasn’t listening her and resumed to hum a soft song. “Please… don’t kill me… I beg you !!” Screamed the small woman while trying to climb up the tea cup but only to fall at the bottom, the giant shape now getting closer to her cup…

“AAAAAAHHHHH!!!” Suddenly screamed the small woman while a boiling liquid was pouring onto her small self, burning her body all around. Due to the flow pouring on her, the small woman was now under this horrible liquid’s surface and was trying to swim upwards but her body was hurting her all around… until with a last try to get outside of this cup she drowned inside this boiling liquid that was in fact tea. Saya had a small smile before pouring the tea in the other cup, also killing the other tiny one without any concern about them. Once she was done, Saya picked up some slices of bread before feeling the texture with her hands. It was really soft and the taste would be amazing again, it just needed something more…

Saya placed two slices of bread on the table while she picked up the small girl that she put on the table before among with some other small people, all screaming and begging for their lives. Saya didn’t really listened again and just dropped half of the small people onto one of the bread slices before putting another one onto them; trapping them into this golden texture. Many of the small ones were now screaming but even a bread slice was too heavy for all of them. “Hm…?” Let out Saya while she saw a small girl run onto the table that managed to escape what Saya was preparing. She moved her hand fast and with only two fingers picked up the small one, ignoring her small cries of pain because of the pressure she was feeling on her small body. Saya then just tossed the small girl towards her face while she opened her mouth wide, the small one screaming even louder from fear until she landed onto the foxgirl’s tongue. “NOOOO!!!” Screamed the small girl while she was trying to get up but before even reaching this giant mouth’s entrance, Saya closed her lips and trapped the small one inside. The small girl wasn’t really wishing to stay in this horrible place, some drool pouring onto her small head. She stood up and went again toward the giant closed lips before trying to open them with her small hands but it was useless. Saya kept singing before she moved her tongue to the side, moving along her tiny victim that fall onto a hard surface. The tiny one just understood too late where she was… letting out a surprised scream that was stopped almost immediately by a crunching noise, her small body being instantly destroyed by Saya’s teeth that was now chewing her small victim mercilessly. Saya finally swallowed this small girl’s remains before sitting at the table and resuming her preparations, not feeling bad about what she just had done because it was natural for her. Moving her hand towards the other slice of bread that was on the table, she let all the remaining little ones fall onto it before putting some bread onto them, trapping another bunch of people among giant pieces of food.

A small sound like a yawn came from nearby and some steps started to come closer to the small kitchen, Saya’s ears raised while she was now looking at the door slowly opening. “Hmmmm… hello Saya…” said a tired voice while another girl went inside of the small room. She had teal eyes and her hair color was different from the other girl who had white hair, this one had a beautiful orange color and was wearing the same kind of kimono Saya had except that this girl’s was white and red. Once inside of the room, she closed the door and Saya was now looking at this girl who had 4 fox tails behind her back and the same ears on her head, slowly standing up from her chair, she gave a respectful bow to the other fox girl “Good morning mom.”. The other girl stretched her arms “Did you got up early again?” Said the other girl before sitting at the table, looking at the breakfast her daughter prepared. Saya smiled before taking her small bread with many tiny ones inside “Yes, it was a beautiful morning, I’m sure you would have enjoyed it too.”. The other girl passed a hand trough her hair while her ears moved back to their places “I guess so but next time I’ll try to come back hope earlier so we could enjoy a morning together.” The girl then took her own bread before yawning a bit “Thanks for preparing this Saya.”, she moved her other hand onto the small bread and moved it closer to her face, ready to dig into her breakfast.

Erry was feeling weird, her mind slowly coming back to her she couldn’t hear the sounds of the small field she had been before. Instead it was two loud voices and even if she was now slowly opening her eyes she wasn’t feeling really great… Erry suddenly gasped, she could feel a strong pressure onto her body and could hear some screams all around her before she opened her eyes wide. She was trapped and now knew that she had been caught while she was unconscious but didn’t expected such an awakening…! Most of her body was trapped between two giant pieces of bread and only her shoulders and head were outside, right besides her was another small girl, probably 1 hear younger than Erry that was screaming from fear, her cheeks shining a big from the many tears that were pouring out of her eyes.

A sudden warm breeze assaulted Erry’s body from behind… Erry had a strong shiver but started to raise her head… before letting out a surprised scream too… It was a giant open mouth getting closer to her! Erry started to move her body but the giant finger’s pressure onto the bread didn’t allowed her to move, she was looking at this younger girl by her side screaming her mother’s name but they both knew that they were doomed. The giant open maw was getting closer and Erry knew that within less than 5 seconds she would die so she decided to close her eyes, still hearing the small girl’s cries by her side.

Until with a loud noise every small noise stopped… Erry had a shiver and tried to open her eyes before gasping. Right in front of her were giant teeth closed onto the small piece of bread but… also on the small other girl. Erry wanted to move… maybe this other girl was still alive somehow but from the blood now pouring onto those pearly white ‘rocks’ Erry knew that it was hopeless. The giant mouth then moved away now that it was full and Erry could now hear many other screams, screams of some other small people that were now chewed alive by this giant fox girl among with some horrible noises that were the small bodies breaking under those merciless teeth.

The giant foxgirl let out a small sigh, licking her lips while swallowing the first mouthful of her breakfast before approaching her mouth to the small bread again. Erry had another strong shiver, she was witnessing something horrible but still those two giant girls weren’t caring much about the smaller ones. The giant teeth closed again, trapping more victims inside, Erry was safe this time because it was a bit far from where she was until she noticed something. It was a small hand that was between this giant girl’s lips followed by a small arm until a small head also pierced through. It was a small woman that was trying to escape but right now she was stuck between those giant ‘pillows’ pressing onto her small body but the giant one seemed to have noticed her now. The small woman was screaming while she could now feel the giant lips ‘purse’ around her and sucking her back inside, still she was trying to escape this fate at any cost. The small woman let out a scream, she was now almost fully back within the giant mouth when she decided to just dash forwards. She was almost outside, her face and the upper half of her body now fully outside, even if she was drenched by the giant foxgirl’s saliva, hope started to appear on her small face but could now feel something different happening…

The small woman’s face started to look different whole she let out a weird scream because she was now crying tears made of blood while some of the same liquid started to pour out of her mouth… she started to fall forwards and Erry let out a loud scream… this other small woman’s body just got cut in half between the giant foxgirl’s teeth! The small body started to fall towards the table but the fox was faster and caught the small broken body with her fingers before tossing her back to her mouth. With a soft move of her tongue, she moved the small broken woman to her molars and finished the job by crushing her immediately.

Erry was shivering… she was now looking at Saya that was picking a cup of tea with a small body floating in it before drinking it loudly. Saya was now sighing too while placing back her cup on the table, asking what was apparently her mother how she slept and about the day about to start, Erry was still trying to get out but her small hands were now shivering like never before, scared of what the two giant girls would do to her if she managed to escape too. It was now Saya’s turn to take a large bite in her bread… tainting it a bit red from where were some tiny people, Erry’s eyes started to close a bit. It was hopeless for her to survive another day so she just started to wait her life to end, accepting this fate.

“Hmmm?” Suddenly said a voice that was close to Erry, the giant foxgirl was now looking at her bread before with to fingers she picked up Erry’s  body and placed it in front of her face “What is this…? A white haired one?” Said the girl while moving her fingers all around Erry’s  body, not really caring if her finger’s pressure was hurting the tiny girl. The fox looked at Erry’s hair again before asking her “Where do you come from? I don’t remember catching you before.” Saya who was looking from her seat answered “I found her in the garden this morning Mom, I didn’t really expected to find one outside.”. The orange haired girl’s ears started to move a. It while her eyes narrowed “So do I… there’s no way for ‘them’ to come around like this…”. Erry was now feeling a bit uneasy, what were the two giant girls talking about ? The small girl now noticing the ‘fox features’ of the girls “What… what kind of creatures are you…? Aren’t you like the other humans ?”

Saya and the other girl were now looking surprised while looking both at Erry “Humans….? Do we really look like them? We’re Kitsunes tiny one… and the only humans around are well… with you.” Erry’s eyes opened wide “No… it’s not possible! I’m a Tiny, how could I be the same size as humans, did… did I grew somehow…?”. The orange haired girl put a finger onto Erry’s head “I don’t think so. I can easily reduce humans, but… did you just said that you’re one of those micro people the humans enjoy to eat…? I now really wonder how you got there, this place is far from any human city so a Tiny getting here by itself? I don’t really think it would be possible. Are you some sort of magical being ?”

Erry was confused “No… I’m just a Tiny and nothing more. I guess it won’t be enough for me to stay alive right?” Finished the small one while noticing hungry looking stares from both of the girls, she was still bite-sized after all. The fox girl that was holding her suddenly placed Erry on the table but the small one was now confused before the orange haired girl started to talk, her tails moving a bit behind her “My name’s Cysh and as I told you earlier we’re both Kitsunes with my daughter Saya. Maybe you’re wondering again why humans are looking like this beside you but actually they really shrank down and…”. Cysh placed her hand inside the small box and grabbed a dozen of small people that she made fall in front of Erry. The white haired girl was looking at them, they were exactly at her size but soon all of those people started to shrink fast, many of them screaming from this sudden change within them and soon they were all sized the same way Erry was for the humans, except that Erry was now giant compared to the small bunch of people. Cysh’s ears moved a bit to listen to those tiny cries before she placed her finger in front of Erry “Well… now that you’re a giantess for them… why don’t you enjoy that and take your revenge on them ?”. Erry looked down at all those tiny people running away from her, she was really gigantic compared to them but didn’t moved. Instead Erry placed her hands on her heart and was now looking up to the giant foxgirl “Wha… how… no… why did you do that ?”. Cysh smiled “Well… you’re a Tiny right ? Don’t you want to kill some humans ? I mean at your size you might have lost a lot of people around you.” Cysh then moved a finger and one of the small humans started to raise In the air until it was ‘flying’ then was moved by Cysh in front of Erry’s face.

“When I caught this human, she was at a restaurant with some of her friends and I’m pretty sure they were eating tinies there… aren’t you mad against her?” Said the foxgirl while Erry was looking at a small girl in front of her face until she raised her head “I lost already everything so no… I don’t seek vengeance. Even more against people that can’t protect themselves. See this white hair? I was hated by my own people because of it so I don’r really need anything in my life anymore.”. Cysh frowned a bit “Well if that’s you want…” the small girl in front of Erry went back onto the table and Cysh placed a finger nearby until she moved it fast all around Erry but crushed the many tiny people that were near Erry. Cysh then raised her finger that had a small blood stain on it and placed it in front of Saya’s face who opened her lips to suck on Cysh’s finger, removing the red liquid from it. Erry let out a small gasp, she didn’t knew what would happen next to her.

“You’re funny tiny white hair… it’s the first time I see someone like you but I’m also curious about how you taste… I wonder if I could just help myself…” said Cysh while putting her face closer to Erry who fall onto the ground “No please…! Don’t kill me!”. Cysh frowned again “Well… if you don’t want to do anything fun for us I wonder why I should keep you tiny one. Isn’t that right Saya?” The other fox girl nodded as an answer. Erry stood up “Well it can’t be helped then… you don’t need a tiny piece of meat like me around… after all what can I do for such gigantic creatures.” Cysh then moved a finger to her lips before thinking “Well… there’s maybe something you could do for me…” said the giant fox girl before picking up Erry with her fingers before picking up what remained of her bread and ate it without caring about he small ones within again.

Cysh then stood up, her four tails waving behind her like some clouds in the wind while she walked towards the exit of the small kitchen. She was still holding Erry inside of her hands and opened the door with her other hand “I’ll be back later Saya, thanks again for the breakfast” said Cysh while her daughter bowed again respectfully. The orange haired foxgirl was now walking silently in a small hall, each step was so soft that she wasn’t making any noise, her ears were still aware of every sound around. Cysh was getting closer to a wooden panel that was in fact a sliding door and once she was in front of it, opened it before going inside.

It was a wide room but it still had many furnitures made of wood, Cysh was getting closer to a table and put her hand above it before dropping Erry on it. Cysh then put her face close to the small girl “Soooo now that we’re alone little one… I wonder what we could do…”. Erry was listening to Cysh’s loud voice hitting her small self but again she couldn’t give more to this giant being so she tried to ask her “What… what do you have in mind…? You’re not planning to kill me right…?”. Cysh laughed loudly that made Erry fall on her back while the giant girl raised her head to put it right above Erry “It will mostly depends on you tiny girl… So… mind if we have some fun together?” Finished Cysh while putting her hands on the sides of her kimono.

Slowly but with precise moves, the foxgirl was now removing the top part, revealing more of her bare skin to Erry who was looking at her with confused eyes. Soon the upper part of Cysh’s body wasn’t wearing anything and her to large breasts were now in front of Erry. The small girl had a shiver while looking at those two enormous breasts that were just like two small hills for her, the foxgirl got closer so Erry was now at the middle of them, Cysh then placed her hands onto her breasts and squeezed the tiny one between them who let out a surprised scream. Erry was now trapped within this giant girl’s flesh who was now rubbing her two breasts together, not caring for the small girl that was trapped within. Erry coughed because of the pressure while her small bones where hurting her, if the foxgirl applied more pressure onto her she would probably be dead by now. Erry was letting out some small cries while her body was getting squeezed even more until Cysh removed the pressure and let Erry fall to the table again “Did you enjoyed tiny one…? Because we’re just getting started ~” said the foxgirl before she moved her hands to her kimono again. Cysh was blushing a bit but her mind was set so she wouldn’t stop, she finally removed the last bit of silk that was covering her skin then stood up in front of Erry from all of her height.

“What… what is…” let out Erry while now shivering in what was now in front of her. She was a girl so she knew how humans and creatures alike should be but this giant fox was different because in front of Erry was now a giant penis, about 6 or 7 times the size of the small girl. “Fufu… you look surprised tiny girl… it seems that you never saw this I guess… but I’m a herm girl so I have this… ‘feature’.” Said the fox girl who moved her hand closer to it then ‘pushed’ the giant pillar with a finger that fall heavily onto Erry. “Khhh… aaaaahhh!!! Screamed Erry who was half trapped under this weight, even if it was a bit soft but also warm Erry didn’t wanted to stay there. The giant organ raised a bit to fall right besides Erry this time, Cysh was now looking at the small girl with a smirk “Heh… still alive ? I guess you really want to live then…”. Erry coughed again before feeling some vibrations from Cysh’s penis falling nearby, she looked at it again then let out a small squeak before Cysh’s hand moved on the table, right behind Erry’s body. The fox smiled again “Well… if you really want to live be useful and climb on it.”, Erry turned her head with wide open eyes, her lips shivering from fear “Wh… what…?”. Cysh closed her fist and let it fall near Erry, showing the small girl that she could be easily crushed if she didn’t followed the foxgirl’s orders, so she tried to stand up but her shivering legs didn’t allowed her to move. Cysh sighed “Tsh… I even need to do this now…” before raising her hand to pick the small one hen sat her at the middle of her penis. Erry was feeling this ‘organ’ right below her warming her legs but also some shivers onto it, maybe the small girl just sitting on it was making Cysh feel good ?

Cysh stood up, making sure to check if Erry was holding up then moved to her futon that was nearby, once she was on it, she sat on the soft texture then layed herself fully. This move surprised Erry that got pushed back and fall onto Cysh’s lower belly while looking at the giant erected penis nearby. Erry let out a surprised scream while she could hear some sounds coming form below, the giant foxgirl was probably starting to digest her breakfast among with all of her small previous victims. Erry could now see behind her the same two hills that were the girl’s breasts and her face between them that was looking at her. Cysh smiled then looked at Erry “Pleasure me.”, the small girl had a shiver but in fact had no idea about how to do that. Standing up, Erry was now walking towards this giant pillar in front of her, hoping that Cysh would let her leave if she gave her what she wanted. Erry could feel some shiver’s onto Cysh’s skin below her feet, getting closer to ‘it’ before she was now right in front. Erry hesitated a bit  before her arm moved slowly and soon her small hand was placed onto the foxgirl’s penis. Erry could see it throb a bit before she started to move her small hand, now caressing it slowly.

“Ah…!” Moaned Cysh a bit far behind her, Erry knew that it was working and placed her other hand on it too. The giant organ was getting a bit more warm and some chills were now ‘traveling’ from all of this pillar’s height. More moans echoed into Erry’s ears, she wasn’t much enjoying to do this but she had to do as the foxgirl wanted or her tiny life could be ended easily. “More…!” Said the giant girl’s voice behind Erry that was now thinking how she would do this. Erry took some steps closer and pressed her tiny body against the giant penis, feeling it shiver while Cysh’s head fall back with a moan, he small girl now rubbing her tiny self against it. Erry could feel another warm wave filling the giant organ while she could see the top of it shiver a bit, she knew that Cysh would soon reach the top of her pleasure.

Erry didn’t saw a giant shadow coming closer… she was now focused on giving pleasure to the giant girl that she just let out a squeak when Cysh’s hand closed onto her sex, pressing Erry’s whole body against it. Erry let out a small cry of protest but Cysh didn’t really listened to it and started to move her hand up and down, still rubbing Erry’s body against her penis while her fingers were now moving a bit to stimulate some other parts of her sex. Cysh let out a loud moan while her sex erected even more, becoming harder but also giving a weird feeling of dizziness to Erry because of the heat. The small girl inside of Cysh’s hand could now feel something drip on her head and soon pour into her bright white hair… Erry closed her eyes, this giant girl was about to cum and her sex was now dripping from anticipation.

But Cysh stopped, her hand still holding onto her organ, her ears were now moving a bit before she could hear something from the other side of the door. Cysh had a wide smile while she started to talk with some lust in her voice “You shouldn’t snoop like this Saya… is that what your mother taught you? ~”. From the other side of the almost closed door came a small moan, Cysh smiled again and resumed to talk “Why don’t you join me Saya…? It would be even more fun with you ~”. The door slowly opened, showing now a half naked Saya behind, her kimono was open and her pants were on the ground, furthermore her hand was right between her thighs, fingering the small slit that was there. Saya let out another moan and took some steps inside of the room, still looking at her mother’s generous body with lustful eyes. Cysh smiled then moved her hand to drop the small Erry atop of her sex before ‘opening’ herself to her daughter, her penis still erected but now pouring more juices onto Erry’s body.

Saya gulped then removed her hand from her own sex that was leaking some juices onto her legs, with a soft move, she finished to remove her kimono and was now standing in front of her mother, her white tail moving a bit. Cysh just looked at her daughter and nodded to her, telling her that she could now do everything that she wanted. Saya sat on her knees and moved closer to her mother’s body until her chest was now a bit above of her mother’s penis. With a soft move of her hand, her fingers closed onto it, ‘waking’ Erry from the state she was in but the small girl’s body was now coated by the giant girl’s juices and couldn’t move much more. Erry managed to move her face a bit away from the girl’s sex opening when she saw Saya’s face getting really closer. Erry wanted to scream but her tiny mouth had some of Cysh’s juices filled with so she coughed loudly instead. Saya’s mouth was now opening slowly, her tongue getting out until it was placed onto the penis’ side, not that fat from Erry.

Cysh let out a loud moan while her hand grabbed onto the futon, her four tails stretching in every direction. Her head fall back onto the futon again while her lower body raised a bit, her sex now closer to Saya’s face. Cysh let out a soft moan before looking into her daughter’s eyes who was still licking onto her sex “Say… Saya please…!”. The white haired fox girl understood  and grabbed onto her mother’s penis a bit more before placing her mouth right above it, her lips opening… Erry watched it with horror in her eyes, this girl’s mouth was getting closer too fast! But when Erry screamed, her tiny cry got cut by Saya’s lips that closed all around Cysh’s penis, but also trapping Erry inside of her mouth.

Erry was shivering from fear but couldn’t try anything, noticing the giant girl’s teeth nearby that crushed many small people like her before. Erry had another shiver, she was at those two girls’ mercy that could decide just to eat her like a small piece of candy but she wanted to stay a bit safe for now. Saya was moaning all around Erry  because of her mother’s juices taste but soon started to move her mouth around Cysh’s sex, sucking onto it loudly. Cysh’s body was now filled with shivers, feeling the tiny girl holding for her life and her daughter giving her more pleasure than she needed. Saya’s tongue was now licking onto the warm sex of her mother, moaning from the taste but was also feeling the tiny Erry onto it. Saya closed her eyes then started to suck faster, knowing that her mother would cum soon.

Cysh’s penis was throbbing, Erry was feeling something building around this giant mouth, a heat she never felt before and from the look of how the sex was now moving, she was scared about what would happen next. Some juices were now leaking again onto Erry’s body, the small girl was looking everywhere around if there was a place where she would be safe but let out a scream when the girl’s penis ‘fall’ on the side. Erry was now onto Saya’s tongue but Cysh’s sex was still coming back and forth, hitting Erry once who fall on her back. Erry was feeling a bit dizzy but was now facing she never wanted to see… she was now in front of Saya’s throat opening where some loud moans were coming from, if the small girl happened to fall there, she wouldn’t be able to come back. Soon the giant sex that was inside of Saya’s mouth stopped to move, having some strong shivers racing onto it, Erry had a bad feeling about it so she just dashed towards it, looking now at a small bit of skin that was moving below.

Erry had no idea about what was happening but from Cysh’s moans echoing loudly from outside of Saya’s mouth, it was something bad that would happen to the small girl, Erry’s brain was now focused onto a single word: “Survive!”, she moved her left arm fast between two small bits of skin that were in fact Cysh’s penis foreskin. Erry screamed while the ‘rolling’ skin was actually breaking her arm’s bone but she would be ‘stuck’ there a bit safely…

And it finally happened…  Cysh moaned loudly her daughter’s name while from the small opening that was just above Erry started to flow strongly a thick liquid… Cysh’s cum. Erry was a bit below the opening so she wasn’t directly ‘hit’, if it was the case she would have been ejected right into Saya’s throat opening! Still Erry could see many of this liquid flow right onto Saya’s tongue who let out a loud moan all around, ‘was she really enjoying this?’ Was thinking Erry who was now a bit covered by the same liquid. The tip of Saya’s tongue started to raise, she was ‘gathering’ the liquid at the center while Erry managed to move a bit so she wouldn’t be noticed  for now. The giant tongue finally raised fully and Erry could now hear some loud swallowing sounds, making her small body shiver each time. Saya was now smiling and could feel her mother’s sex slowly getting out of her mouth, she couldn’t resist but to give a small kiss onto the top of her mother’s organ but then noticed something, a tiny girl’s body that was still there.

“Aaah… Still there…?” Said Cysh while looking at her penis still erected, the small white haired girl atop of it. Erry’s left arm was broken but she managed to remove it from below of Cysh’s skin, her body was still covered by a mix of Cysh’s cum and Saya’s saliva. Erry’s eyes looked tired while she was coughing some of the ‘liquid’ that got into her mouth, Erry didn’t answered the fox girl and just tried to feel her arm, wondering if she would be able to fix it. Saya was still breathing loudly, looking into her mother’s eyes just like if she wanted to feel more. Cysh moved her hand to her sex and put her finger onto Erry who let out a tired cry “I hope that you’re ready for the next part little one… it’s Saya’s turn to have some fun after all.”. The white haired foxgirl moved her body a bit, raising it a bit too until her own sex was above her mother’s sex.

Erry could suddenly feel something dripping on her body, looking up she let out a squeak… Saya’s sex was leaking some of its juices that were falling below. Saya was breathing loudly and looked at Erry while moving her hands down “Well well… looks like I’m going to swallow you tiny one… you should hold onto something…”. Erry had a strong shiver but she couldn’t move, her body ‘glued’ atop of Cysh’s penis, she started to scream but wasn’t able to escape. Saya ‘s body was slowly coming down, with one of her hands she placed her fingers at each side of her lower lips before spreading them, showing to the small girl below where she would go next. With her other hand, Saya closed her fingers onto her mother’s sex, placing it right below her and soon Erry was just under Saya’s wet lips…

“No… please… I beg you!!” Screamed Erry while looking at this with a deep fear in her eyes, the two giant fox girls were serious about this and Erry would probably die in the process. Her body was shivering but she still tried to move, more juices were now pouring from Saya’s vagina and Erry could now feel Saya’s warmth getting closer. Erry closed her eyes and started to yell again “Please…!! Don’t do this!! You’re going to kill me !!” But the two giant girls didn’t cared, looking at each other with their eyes filled with lust, Saya was going slowly again until her skin was almost atop of
Erry. The small girl let out a loud scream that was cut by a loud moan coming from Saya’s mouth when her mother’s penis got inserted inside of her. Erry was screaming and could feel a wet skin pressing all around her, she was going deeper inside of Saya’s body while Cysh was inserting more of her sex inside of her daughter.

“Aaaah…!” Moaned Erry while her body started to protest against the pressure onto her small self, she couldn’t see anything but pulsating skin around her, sucking her tiny body deeper inside of the foxgirl’s body but soon she wasn’t moving much more, noticing that the top of Cysh’s penis that was just below her started to ‘retreat’. Cysh was looking at her daughter that was now sitting on her, feeling her penis getting ‘sucked’ softly by her daughter’s warm vagina, her body started to feel warm again… the orange haired girl’s hands started to move slowly until they grabbed onto Saya’s hips. Saya was now looking to her mother’s eyes, some drool coming out of her mouth, she smiled and asked her mother to give her move with a simple speechless message with her eyes. Cysh moaned softly before pulling a bit her sex and was ready for what would happen next… looking a last time into Saya’s eyes, Cysh pressed her hands onto Saya’s hips and thrusted her sex fully inside of Saya again.

Erry let out a surprised scream while she saw something coming fast from below and that was now behind her, pressing her small body from the back into Saya’s vagina’s skin. Erry was screaming again from the pain, each thrust of Cysh’s sex giving her more pressure and pain. The orange haired foxgirl was now fully in control, she moved her hands down to Saya’s buttocks and kept on trusting her sex inside of her daughter’s, still she wasn’t thinking much about Erry anymore since her mind was filled with this feeling she was sharing with Saya. The white haired foxgirl raised her head, some tears were forming at the corner of her eyes while she was moaning loudly… those cries echoing inside of her body too.

Erry was coughing, the giant penis that was doing its ‘job’ right behind her was now moving faster but for Erry it was now like being hit by a giant hammer each time. It didn’t took long for Erry to have her body covered by many bruises, her broken arm making her feeling even more pain too. Erry’s body also started to be coated by some juices again, some coming out from Cysh’s body but also some coming out all around of the ‘living walls’ surrounding Erry. The small girl suddenly could feel something different, The giant organ behind her wasn’t moving much more and started to move to the sides too, pressing Erry’s body against Saya’s skin. The small one was now screaming, her back was hurting badly because of the pressure and she hoped that it wouldn’t break…

“Aaahhh… AAAAAHHHH!!!” Screamed the small girl while feeling her leg break, the two giants still at work to pleasure each other. Erry’s eyes were now tired, there was nothing she could do and started to hope that the two giant girls would get bored of their tiny victim and kill her soon. But for the two fox girls it was also the end too, Cysh was still holding onto Saya’s buttocks while the other foxgirl had her hands onto Cysh’s large breasts, their bodies getting warmer, it was almost time. Erry was now barely conscious, her body hurting her all around and Cysh’s sex grinding onto her back weren’t enough since Saya’s vagina muscles were now squeezing the tiny one too. Cysh was almost done for, looking at her daughter happily riding her made her smile a bit before she resumed to moan, her body filled with shivers. Cysh moved down, almost all of her penis getting outside from Saya’s sex before with a fast move, inserted it back fully inside of it. Erry got surprised when she saw the tip of Cysh’s penis directly hit her and pushed her small self deeper inside of Saya’s body, Erry was now nearby Saya’s cervix muscle when she could feel the giant penis shiver… from where she was, Erry was looking at the small opening atop of this pink ‘pillar’ shivering a bit before everything started…

Cysh closed her eyes while letting out a loud moan… feeling something ‘running’ below her skin until it was now getting inside of her penis, rushing towards the exit of it… and finally ‘bursted’ into Saya’s depths. Erry screamed because of the cum flowing outside of Cysh’s penis, her tiny body still ‘glued’ against the top of it, the flow seemed to be endless, Erry’s head moving up so she could breath met another flow coming from really near… Saya’s own juices splashing all around. Saya’s vaginal canal was now filled by the two giant fox girls juices but she didn’t moved yet, the small Erry now trapped deep inside of her. Outside, Saya’s exhausted body was now lying onto her mother’s, her head resting between her mother’s breasts while the orange haired girl was brushing Saya’s hair. Saya let out a soft moan while she could still feel her mother inside of herself but for now she was tired enough. Saya placed her hands onto the sides of her mother’s body and started to raise her body, removing slowly her mother’s sex from her, some juices leaking all around until Cysh’ penis fall on the side. Saya was feeling something leaking from within her and it was indeed a mix between her and Cysh’s juices slowly flowing out of her own sex. Saya moved a bit away then placed her hand in front of her lower lips before opening them slowly. Again some juices started to flow out but soon Saya could feel something a bit different fall and land atop of her hand’s palm… a tiny body with white hair,  barely breathing.

“Still alive…? You’re really a strong one…” Said Saya while raising her hand in front of her face, opening her mouth slowly to let fall the small one inside but before she could do this Cysh asked her daughter to wait “Indeed she’s different from the other ones, mind if we ‘clean’ her before Saya?”. The other foxgirl nodded and let Erry fall inside of her mouth before approaching her head to Cysh’s. Cysh smiled before moving her face closer until her lips met Saya’s, the two girls now sharing a deep kiss. Saya wanted to share this ‘taste’ she had in her mouth and opened her lips to thrust her tongue between Cysh’s lips, the orange haired foxgirl understood and started to move her tongue too to give a taste to the small girl. Erry was tired but was feeling something soft all around her, it was the two giant girl’s tongues playing with each other but also tasting the small girl’s body covered by their juices. Erry’s mind was lost, she didn’t really knew where she was now and if she was still going to survive but the wounds onto her body and her broken bones weren’t giving much hope.

Erry soon fall fully inside of Cysh’s mouth who was now sucking onto the tiny body, moving easily the small girl and reminding her how powerless she was too. Erry wasn’t screaming anymore, except when Cysh was nibbling onto her small self, her body now wearing some wounds caused by Cysh’s sharp teeth. The foxgirl soon moved Erry to her lips again until half of Erry’s body was outside. The small girl was trying to escape those giant pursed lips around her waist but she could also feel Cysh’s teeth that wouldn’t allow her to move. Erry was shivering when she saw Saya’s face wearing a naughty expression getting closer again, until her lips met her mother’s, making a loud sound echoing around Erry. Both of the fox girls were now looking into each other’s eyes while Erry let out a sudden scream… Saya closed her teeth onto the small body too, Erry’s broken arm also stuck between those giant ‘rocks’. Erry was now breathing loudly, feeling the pressure of the two giant girl’s teeth she wanted to pull herself out with her other arm, some tears pouring out of her eyes until Erry could feel something unexpected… Some blood was now pouring out of her mouth.

“AAAAAHHHH!!!!”Screamed Erry while she fall forwards onto Saya’s tongue… her small body broken in two… Erry was now onto her back while she was feeling a horrible pain, not feeling her broken arm nor her legs anymore. She was facing Saya’s front teeth tainted red with her blood while she could now see Cysh chew onto something… the other half of her body. Erry coughed more of her blood, she could feel her body getting numb knowing that she wouldn’t last long, looking down she let out another scream, looking at the large opening she had in her body and that her legs ware really ‘gone’. Saya was humming from the taste of Erry’s blood but didn’t wanted to waste much more time, she moved easily the tiny broken girl to the side and closed immediately her teeth onto the small one, breaking easily her other arm and making her scream from an unbearable pain. Erry’s face was outside of the giant teeth that were crushing her small lungs but coughed more blood, her head falling back… her eyes half closed. Saya was now enjoying this tiny body breaking slowly, feeling more of Erry’s blood flowing into her throat… it was almost time to end this too. Erry was now barely conscious, not feeling much more of her body she could only see Saya moving her closer to her throat opening. The giant foxgirl didn’t wasted another second, she raised her tongue and let the small broken body slide behind her uvula before swallowing Erry easily.

Erry’s eyes were now looking at the giant muscles all around her pulling her deeper inside of Saya’s body while the pain was now getting unbearable. She was now about to die and hoped that it would happen fast so she wouldn’t endure more of this pain. Erry soon fall inside of a large place that was Saya’s stomach… she couldn’t hear any of the small ones the giant foxgirl ate before and she knew that she would die soon. Erry suddenly gasped and more of her blood got out of her mouth while she could feel some of Saya’s digestive juices surrounding her and biting into her skin. Erry closed her eyes, her mind getting blurry again she knew that it was now the end. Some of her skin was already melting while Saya’s juices were now starting to digest Erry’s body, tearing away some of her white hair while the small body stopped to breath…

Outside of this living hell, the two giant fox girls were smiling, Cysh noticed a small drip of blood that was onto Saya’s tongue and licked it away with her tongue while she placed her hand onto Saya’s rumbling belly “Hmmm… she was really special and delicious too hehe… I wonder how her soul looks like ~”. Cysh was now focusing onto something but got surprised, Saya now having a curious look on her face “What is it mom?”. Cysh moved her hand away from Saya’s body “Hmmm that’s weird, I can’t take her soul… maybe… it’s why she got there and that she didn’t looked like the other micro people I saw before. Maybe she had some ‘power’ inside of her but well… it’s too late for her now.”. Saya was also thinking a bit but soon focused her eyes onto something else… Her mother’s sex shivering a bit again, ready for more. Cysh looked into Saya’s eyes while resuming “Well well… maybe her power was to give us some fun today haha… But that’s not important now, Saya… would you mind? ~ “. Saya’s hand moved slowly until her fingers closed onto her mother’s sex while looking into her mother’s eyes with a smile… ready to enjoy more time with her while within her body Erry would slowly melt away… and would never remember what happened to her today.

The end.