She was born as a slave. Once she managed to escape she started to understand what life would now be for her and soon chose her own name because she was just a ‘number’ before. From this day, she would be what she kept faith in, and with a deep pride she would wear the name ‘Hope’.

She wasn’t human. From the start her life would be hard because she was born and raised just like an animal with many others like her. It was decided for her that because of her good health she would be one of the woman selected to give life to many children, without a hope to keep them because just like her, they would be raised as slaves too.

But for now she was too young for this so when an accident happened in this ‘farm’ she managed to escape with many others. Of course some of them couldn’t make it alive and the humans were really cruel when they had ideas to punish them… still Hope was lucky enough to survive. Now she would have another challenge waiting her : survive within the human world and for her it would be really hard… because what can do an inch sized woman against a human who is more than 70 times her own size ?

Hope was now 20 years old. She managed to survive long enough until this day, she saw many people like her being killed in front of her… even the girl she accepted as her ‘older sister’ when they managed to escape. It was just a regular day where the two of them were searching for food when Hope suddenly heard some loud noises coming nearby. There was just a small place to hide within in a nearby wall crack, but the two girls would easily fit within. Hope was now inside of the wall, she extended her arm to take the other girl’s hand but… a giant shoe landed heavily onto her. Hope’s eyes opened wide while she tried not to scream from what she just saw, the giant shoe raised and a woman voice could now being heard. The human woman was looking at the small broken body onto the ground while complaining about the red stain this ‘Tiny’ made onto her new shoes… Hope clenched her teeth but soon witnessed he shoe coming down again, the human woman twisting her ankle, breaking even more the small girl that didn’t expected to die this day…

Hope sighed while putting her head back, thinking about this horrible day again that happened 1 hear ago. She never really accepted her friend’s death but she had to live on. Slowly standing up, she went near a small broken piece of glass she found and used as a mirror. She looked at her long blonde hair and into her green eyes that saw already so many horrors. Her head bowing a bit, her eyes finally stopped onto a writing she had onto her arm, a tatoo the humans gave her when she was still in the ‘farm’. Hope winced when she read the characters ‘C-1985’ carved inside of her skin, reminding her that back then she was just another ‘toy’ waiting to be disposed of. Back then she didn’t knew how to talk and was just following the same orders every day, not knowing anything besides what she was supposed to become. But now she was free and would never be a slave again Hope thought while taking a small blade and putting it on her side.

The ‘outside world’ was way different from the place where Hope lived, everything was so gigantic but she had to be careful. Hope learned some time ago that some humans actually started to hunt the ones like her that lived outside of the ‘farms’, she clenched her teeth while thinking about this again and resumed to walk. The street was human sized so a small one like Hope wouldn’t be much noticed, still she walked near the wall and was ready to hide anywhere if it was needed. She was now near the end of the street and hoped that she would find something to eat, it wasn’t everyday that she could find something to feed on but even some rotten food was something she could take.

The evening, Hope was coming back to her ‘home’ : a crack in a wall tall enough so she could live and sleep within. She was holding under her arm a small piece of bread that a human probably dropped onto the ground, it was a bit dirty because Hope found it on the ground but as long as she had something to eat she didn’t minded this. Turning in a street she was almost near her place when she suddenly heard some loud noises not so far, making her shiver a bit. “Shit…” whispered Hope while dropping her food and started to look around fast until her eyes stopped onto a nearby newspaper that was on the ground. Hope dashed towards it and hid below, her eyes now focused onto this human coming nearby. From the look of this human it was a girl probably younger than Hope but she was still gigantic compared to her small self. The human was looking around carefully before her eyes stopped onto the small bread crumb Hope was carrying before. The human then had a giggle before raising her shoe and made it fall heavily onto the small piece of bread, now looking around her even more carefully. Hope was still doing her best not to be seen, witnessing what the human had just done, destroying easily what could have given her a food supply for some days. Hope’s eyes suddenly opened wide, the human was facing the paper she was hiding under, now taking a step towards it. Hope was now shivering, she knew that she was out of sight but still wanted to move a bit further under the paper so she wouldn’t be seen but… Hope couldn’t move.

“So you really think that you could hide from me…? I mean it’s obvious that you’re there… ” said the human’s voice while it took another step closer. Hope tried to shake her arms fast, she had to move ! But while doing this she saw that the whole newspaper’s back was wearing a thin layer of glue… A real trap for the ones like Hope. The human took another step and started to move down, her arm extending towards the piece of paper. Below it, Hope was in a deep fear, she managed to pick up her small blade from her side and managed to cut into the paper, making one of her arms free from this hell but Hope let out a small scream of pain… Due to the precipitation she had to free herself, her blade cut a bit into her arm and it was bleeding from a small wound. Still Hope hadn’t the time to think about this and started to cut the paper around her other arm, if she was fast enough she might escape…

But suddenly, Hope could feel a strong pressure onto all of her body, the paper now wrapping and trapping the small one within, Hope let her blade fall to the ground because of this sudden pressure and now knew that she was at this human girl’s mercy. On the outside, the human girl had her fingers closed onto the small piece of paper, knowing that within it was another small ‘trophy’ for her. Not thinking much about this, she opened her bag and dropped the paper inside before closing it again, trapping Hope within the darkness.

The ‘process’ was fast… Hope was soon released from her paper prison to be placed inside a small box with many other small ones like her. Hope clenched her fists, looking at the many people around her, she wouldn’t be able to escape this time. The human girl didn’t really cared about the small ones that were begging for their lives and just closed the box. It was during the next day, the box moved a lot and all of the small ones were wondering where the human was going. Hope could listen 2 people talk besides the human girl’s voice and soon the box was handed over to someone else; Hope knew that all of them have just been sold to some other humans, exactly like when she was younger.

Hope was now looking at the top of the box ‘fly away’ while 3 human women were now looking inside of it. “Well looks like Mandy had a good harvest this time.” Said one of the humans while another answered “Yes she was always good to hunt them after all.”. Some small ones around Hope started to cry, the box was too high to climb and no one couldn’t know what was about to happen to them.

A scream just by Hope’s left side, a giant hand went down and picked up a small woman who was now trying to escape the human’s grasp but it was useless. Another small man got picked up then more of them… Hope could hear some noises outside and could see the 3 humans coming from time to time to pick up more of them but without a clue to what was happening outside of the box. Suddenly, a giant hand hovered above Hope and soon enough she was trapped between two giant fingers. The human woman was moving carefully but Hope didn’t knew what happened to the previous ones until her eyes stopped onto some small plastic bags containing each of them a small one. Hope clenched her teeth while looking furiously into the human’s eyes. “You want to resist…? You know that you won’t be able to leave this place if you do so… Furthermore I don’t think you want to be ‘disposed of’…” Said the human woman with a smile, looking at the tiny one she was holding. Hope had her fists squeezed, she didn’t enjoyed what was happening to her but she couldn’t do anything too, Hope’s lips soon started to shiver from anger… The human took a small pair of scissors and with a simple but skilled move, cut away the small piece of silk Hope was wearing, the small one was now fully naked on her hand. “Ho…?” Suddenly said the human while she pinched Hope’s arm with her fingers and looked at the small tatoo she was wearing, the human then winced “You’re one of those escaped…? Too bad but I don’t think we can sell you… and because of your behavior I doubt that you could be used in a farm too…”. Hope was now shivering from fear “So… you’re going to kill me right…? Can’t you just leave me live…?”. The human had a lough giggle “Hahaha you’re funny tiny one ! But don’t worry we always have a use for you even if you’re refused here.” The human then pressed a button and some water was now flowing into a nearby sink, the human was now ‘washing’ the small one but without a care, she was just doing her job.

Soon enough Hope was released into another small box with some other small ones that were also ‘not salable’. Hope looked at a younger girl who had her leg broken and some people that were maybe too ‘old’ to be used by humans. Hope sat on the ground, feeling some parts of her body that had some bruises because of the previous washing. The humans kept working, not really looking at the small ones trapped within the box where was Hope except when they just tossed some other small people. Hope got surprised when the younger girl let out a small cry… She just witnessed a small one falling too hard on the ground, a bloodstain forming below its head, showing that this fall was deadly.

After some hours, a sound echoed inside of the building. Hope was looking a bit up, wondering what was happening and saw that the 3 human women were now standing. Hope looked on the side and saw one of the small women getting picked up by a human girl then another by the next human… until the human woman that take care of herself was now looking into the box with a smile. “It will be you today.” Said the woman while placing her hand within the box and grabbed a small victim… that was Hope. The human woman was now walking inside of a hall with her 2 coworkers, they were talking about random topics until they were in another room that was a locker room. Soon, each of the human women removed their white coats and placed them inside their lockers before some of them put on their daily clothes back on. “Phew what a day again. But at last it’s over and we’ll have 2 days to relax ~” said one of the humans while the one holding Hope answered “Yeah it will be nice, I’m also planning to do this race on Sunday. It could be nice if someday you wanted to try it, it’s really fun !”. The first human giggled “We’re probably not on your level Cassy, look at your body, you’re way healthier than us”. Cassy answered to her “Well… I always loved to do some sport before coming back hope, besides it keeps me in shape ~” before the woman started to put some clothes in her backpack “Do you have any plans for this weekend then ?”. One of the other woman was done changing herself, Hope was still trapped within Cassy’s hand but was now looking at another small girl trapped between the other human’s lips, knowing unfortunately what would happen next. The human girl stretched her arms while opening her mouth wide, Hope closed her eyes while hearing what just happened to the small one… that got swallowed alive by the human girl who was now answering “Well I’ll probably go to the cinema I guess… There’s a new movie, ‘Downsizing’ it’s called but heh… I wonder why some humans like us would want to be reduced like the Tinies we have.”. Cassy giggled, “Yes, it would probably be suicidal from them… after all who cares about what happens to the Tinies. It’s not like they were humans like us or anything.”

The third woman nodded before putting her own small one in front of her face “Tinies are just out food. This movie doesn’t have any sense…”, the woman then dropped the small one within her mouth too but didn’t allowed it to go down alive while she closed her teeth onto the tiny body, crushing it easily. Hope let out a scream while listening this horrible sound, she wanted to escape again Cassy’s hand but it wasn’t working, the human woman being way stronger than the small one. The third woman licked a small tear of blood that was rolling onto her lip before looking at Cassy “Don’t you eat her Cassy ? She seems a bit energic just like you in fact haha ~”. Cassy looked at Hope before placing her inside of her shirt pocket “No, I prefer to keep her for later, besides it’s the first one that I see one of those small ones that manage to escape our farms… The security was probably terrible there.”. After some minutes, the two other human women leaved the room, leaving Cassy that was almost ready. She was now wearing a sport outfit, showing how healthy she was but that she also got some curves too. Cassy put her backpack on her back and tied her shoes, looking below she saw the small girl within her pocket. With a smile, Cassy closed the pocket with a button, preventing the small one to escape or fall outside. Cassy then stretched her arms, now opening the door of the ‘office’ she went outside and closed it before she started to run softly back to her house.

The travel wasn’t easy for Hope, the human was moving a lot and the tiny one was bumping on every side of the pocket. Hope was also feeling Cassy’s body warmth near the back of the pocket, the human being now really active. Hope could soon feel the giant woman going slower now, maybe they were already arrived at Cassy’s place. Indeed the human woman was now in front of a small house and opened the door with her key. Hope could now feel some moist air all around her since the human wasn’t as active as before. Cassy then placed her bag on a chair before going into her bathroom, removing her socks then her shorts on her way. Once inside the small room, Cassy started to remove each piece of cloth remaining from her body and placed them on a nearby shelf. Hope was wondering what was happening outside but heard a loud noise, just like water falling fast. “Hooo…!” Let out Cassy while she put a leg within her shower, the water being still a bit cold. The human was finally fully going into her shower while humming a soft tune, on her side, Hope could feel the ‘pocket’ she was withing getting heavier, probably because of the vapor that was all around.

Cassy was now almost done cleaning herself, looking at her body she was smiling. From time to time, she was peeking a bit outside of her shower to see if Hope didn’t tried to escape but the small one couldn’t go anywhere too. Once the human finished, she grabbed a large towel and wrapped herself within it before going back near the small shelf where were her clothes. Her fingers closed tight onto her shirt and underwear but she didn’t really noticed that within her hand was also the small Hope. The small girl tried to move but she was feeling a strong pressure all around her, this ‘place’ was warm somehow and filled with Cassy’s smell wasn’t something she enjoyed much. Once in her room, Cassy tossed her underwear in a basket before putting her shirt on a large bed. Taking some new pants and bra from a drawer, Cassy put them on before grabing her shirt again. Opening the small pocket, the human woman let the small girl that was within fall onto her hand that was below, now smiling at her.

“What… are you planning to do now…?” Asked Hope, now looking at this giant woman looking at her from above, Cassy’s face ‘filling’ the sky above the small one. “I don’t really think you want to know Tiny one… but well you’ll discover it soon enough~” said the giant woman while walking outside of her room towards another one… the kitchen. Hope could see many different vegetables, all of them way taller than her small self and then… a weird device that was placed onto the table. Cassy dropped Hope onto the table, the small one falling heavily on her right arm that made a strange noise. “Aaahh…” moaned Hope while feeling her arm with her other hand…it was broken. Hope’s eyes filled with tears, this human was just as careless as the ones she saw many years ago when she was still a slave. Looking a bit up, Hope saw that Cassy wasn’t looking towards her direction, he small one looking at the edge of the table. She knew that if she had to jump it would hurt her in many places but she might survive… grabbing her arm with her other, Hope stood up silently and started to run towards the edge.

“Eeek !” Suddenly screamed Hope when a giant tomato landed right in front of her, if she had taken 5 more steps she would be probably dead, crushed by this giant thing. The small one raised her head, still holding onto her arm and saw Cassy’s face smiling towards her “Really…? Do you really think that you can try anything against me…? Sorry but it doesn’t works like that…”. Cassy then extended her arm and picked up the small one by her broken arm, Hope couldn’t resist but to scream from an unbearable pain. “See how it is easy for me to break you tiny one ? Accept your fate already… You were born to be eaten by some human when you’ll become useless for us. See that tatoo on your arm…? You’re just an animal and nothing more.”. Hope managed to grab onto the giant finger with her other arm, she was looking deeply into the human’s eyes “Don’t think that it will be over Human… we might be small but don’t underestimate us… I’m sure that someday our situation will change !”.

“Well whatever… if you say so tiny girl… but you won’t be there to see that happening if of course it happens… Furthermore you’re not really funny… and I need my proteins…”. Hope’s eyes opened wide “What did you said…? So you’re really planning to…”. The human was now wearing a wide smile “Ooooh yes I will do it… my body needs to feed onto something you know ?”. Hope stayed silent and just looked at the giant girl, her lips shivering from anger. Cassy then moved her hand towards the unknown device from before and opened the top part before letting Hope fall inside of it. The small one was confused… she was looking all around but she was surrounded by transparent walls made of plastic and this ‘box’ was way too high too. Hope’s eyes suddenly focused onto what was at the center of it, it was a metallic part right at the center and on the sides of it were some sharp blades. Hope raised her head “What… what is this…? What are you planning to do with me ?”. Cassy giggled while taking a knife and started to cut the tomato before letting a large slice fall inside of this container, right besides the small girl. “Well… you don’t know what is a blender tiny one…? Let’s say that well… it helps me to create some wonderful drinks, isn’t that awesome…?” Said the human before cutting a carrot and let it fall almost onto Hope. The small one stayed silent while the human was still adding more ‘ingredients’ into the plastic container, humming a soft song until Hope closed her eyes. Slowly sitting on the ground, Hope bowed her head… some tears forming at the corner of her eyes while she finally realized that soon… she would die.

“Please… don’t do that…” said Hope with tears filling her eyes, she stood up then pressed her body against the transparent wall “Let me live… I can’t die like this…”. The human didn’t really cared about those tiny pleas and made another tomato slice fall inside of the device but on the small one this time; Cassy giggled “Whoops sorry~”. Hope punched with her left hand onto the plastic surface “Please stop kidding with this… you’re going to kill me !!”. The human giggled then placed her face right in front of her small victim “Hehe… finally realizing where you’ll be going soon…?” Said the human while pointing her open mouth with her finger, making Hope punch into the ‘wall’ again.

The human was almost done, Hope was now covered by many vegetable parts but she managed to climb a bit so she would be far from the blades. Hope kept on begging the human to save her but she soon stopped… she knew that she wouldn’t be able to live another day. Hope grabbed her broken arm and closed her eyes. She started to think about all of the days she enjoyed when she managed to escape the farm and knew that those happy days were now over. Taking a long breath, Hope had a shiver… But was now ready to die. Cassy wasn’t really looking at the small one since she stopped to beg for her life and just went closer to the blender, ready to turn it on. Hope didn’t moved and clenched her fists while closing her eyes… praying that maybe she would have a better life after this one dissapeared. The human smirked while looking down, her finger already on the switch she giggled a last time “Farewell tiny one. Don’t worry, I’m sure that my body will be using yours nicely.”


Hope suddenly screamed while losing her balance, the device was now spinning fast and she didn’t expected that. The small one was being tossed on every side of the plastic container, her body heavily slamming against those hard walls. Suddenly Hope got pulled from her back… she knew exactly where she was coming and let out a long scream… that ended with a loud cough of her own blood… One of the blades just cut the small one in half from he chest. Hope’s tears filled with blood while she coughed again, her body slamming against one of the walls again, splashing some blood onto it. She couldn’t feel her body anymore, both of her arms were cut away with her lower body, Hope coughed a last time while her tired eyes closed… a last thought echoing in her mind “Let me rest please…” as the small girl got pulled… to meet this horrible blade again.

Cassy was walking back into her kitchen. In fact she didn’t looked at what happened to the small girl but knew that she was no more. For her it was just another regular day, she loved when some small ones begged for their lives but in the end it was useless for them too. Turning off her blender, she had a large glass where she started to pour its content within. Taking a sip, the human hummed form this taste before resuming to drink everything remaining… along with what looked like a small girl before. Cassy could feel a small drop roll on her lip, that she licked away, enjoying the taste of this small one’s blood. Stretching her arms, she put the glass in her sink and made some water pour inside before heading to her room. Finally inside, the human went onto her bed and closed her eyes, letting out a small giggle while she heard her stomach rumble. “Well… I should welcome you within my body I guess.” Said the human while yawning, already closing her eyes for a well deserved nap… while during this time, Hope would join all the previous small ones Cassy ate mercilessly within her body.

The End.