The “Magic” pill

She had been there for already some days and was feeling tired… She hadn’t eaten anything since there wasn’t any food around her but also couldn’t move. When she woke up, the white haired girl named Erry was already trapped inside of what looked like a small cell but made of a sort of plastic texture but also surrounding her from all sides. She wasn’t suffocating since there was a small hole somewhere but she couldn’t see where since the whole ‘place’ was really dark. Erry tried to break this ‘prison’ but she wasn’t strong enough and was feeling really tired because of the lack of food within her body.

She tried to remember how she got there… But each time had a strong headache, in the end she put this question aside and was trying to escape this place. Soon she heard a small moan and was looking in this direction, to find another girl like her trapped inside of another ‘prison’. This girl was in worse shape than Erry and wouldn’t survive long if she hadn’t anything to feed on… Erry closed her eyes… And let out a tear out of her eye, she knew that whatever would happen to them, they would all die in the end.

Atop of her almost 3cm tall, Erry knew that she couldn’t try anything, knowing how much the ‘giant humans’ loved to play with their small lives and how easy it was to break a small girl who wasn’t as tall as your thumb… Erry put her head on the side, feeling sleepy because of this state she was and slowly closed her eyes… Wondering what Fate had planned for her small self next.

A regular house, where two young sisters were living with their parents. It was a busy week for the family and both of their parents had to leave their young girls at home at night because of their works. The young ones knew that well since it already happened the previous hears but it was their parent’s obligations after all. Tina was the older one, she just got 16 and was really clever. She knew how to take care of the house while her parents were away and was also the perfect older sister for her younger sister Alice. The young Alive was just 12 years old and really loved to spend some time with her sister, she had long blonde hair and looked like a cute doll, even more when she was smiling. Tonight, the two of them didn’t needed a babysitter because Tina was already skilled enough to take care of both of them.

“Dinner’s almost ready Aly!” Said Tina while finishing to cook something simple for the girls. The young sister was in the living room watching a cartoon she loved and with a giggle answered “Yes Tina I’ll be there in two minutes!” Tina smiled and put on two plates on the table, hearing her sister giggle it made her smile. Turning on the fire, she put a large bowl at the center of the table containing some meat with many different kinds of veggies. Soon, Alice went into the kitchen and sat at the table after cleaning her hands. “How was today’s episode Aly?” Asked Tina to her sister “It was really good!! I can’t wait to see what will happen to the princess next time!” Answered Alice before taking her fork. Tina put some of the bowl content into Alice’s plate then put some into her own afterward “I tried a new recipe from mom Aly, I hope that you’ll like it.” Alice smiled then nodded happily her head before putting her hand on her belly, letting out a small cry “Are you alright Aly…?” Said Tina a bit confused “I… It’s nothing Tina don’t worry!” Said Alice while taking her fork and started to eat. “Hhhmmmmm !! It’s really good Tina !!” Tina blushed and brushed her black hair… She learned to cook for already some months and was a good learner. Taking her own fork, she picked some peas with a tiny piece of meat and ate it before nodding “Thank you Aly I’m glad that you like it.”

The two girls were almost done with her dinner when Tina noticed Alice’s face wearing a small pain expression “Aly… You don’t look fine… Are you alright?” The younger girl put back her fork on the plate and put a hand on her belly again “Well… I don’t feel really good now… I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ll be able to finish this…” Tina stood up and went besides her sister “It’s alright… Let me see please.” Said Tina before putting her hand onto her young sister’s forehead. “Aly… You have fever… Why didn’t you told me this before.” The younger girl let out another moan of pain while her stomach made a loud noise “I’m sorry Tina…” The older girl shook her head “It’s alright, please go into your room and put on your pyjama, I’ll bring you some pills after I’ll be done cleaning.” Alice let out another small moan and stood up before walking outside of the kitchen “Alright… Thank you Tina…”

Tina was cleaning the plates and was thinking about her sister, she didn’t really liked to know that her sister was suffering… After putting the plates in the dishwasher, she took a small glass and filled it with water before heading to the bathroom. Here she took a small towel and put some cold water on it. She put the glass on the sink and went towards the room nearby. Alice was in her bed, breathing loudly, Tina took some steps and went to her sister’s side before taking her temperature again “Yes… You have a strong fever… Let me just put this Aly…” Tina placed the towel onto her sister’s forehead then went back to the room entrance “I’ll be back in a min Aly.” The younger girl nodded and put her head on her pillow, feeling something refreshing on her forehead. Tina was in the bathroom again, looking at the different medicines they had and picked up a small box before taking a small pill out of it “Okay… I need something else now…” Said Tina before looking at the small shelf again.

Some loud noises… Then a girl’s voice, Erry could hear someone getting closer and from the noises it was probably a human. She had a shiver and tried to move again inside her small prison but again it was useless… She was now listening closely to the voice and it went away from a minute… Erry was wondering what was happening but soon the human was back and Erry could hear many noises nearby and a girl’s voice, probably as old as she was. And soon the ‘place’ where Erry was started to move and Erry’s ‘prison’ fall on the side. Erry let out a small scream as there was some light from an opening now in front of her and two enormous things going inside… Human fingers.

“Hmmm I’m pretty sure there was some remaining…” Was saying Tina to herself while holding a small box and searching inside “Ah…!” Said happily Tina while putting out two pills a bit taller than the usual ones but they were special because of their content. She was now looking at them closely and at what was inside… Two tiny girls. Erry started to shiver again when she saw this human from her own palm, she was so tall even if she was just a child! Tina took one pill and looked inside, noticing a small one not moving much, the small girl Erry saw before. “Hmmm you’re not really looking good…” And with a small move, tossed the small pill inside of her mouth and swallowed it immediately.

“Aaaahhh!!” Suddenly screamed Erry but the ‘container’ was preventing the humans to hear them much inside, she was now scared for her small life when she saw this small bulge going down this girl’s throat… The worse part was that this human girl didn’t cared about what would happen to the small girl when she would be inside of her stomach… Tina smiled and resumed to pick up some other pills before taking the small glass from before and brought all of this inside of another room while Erry was again trying to escape… Knowing what would now happen to her.

“I’m back Aly.” Said Tina while entering her sister’s room, the younger girl was still in her bed shivering and opened her heavy eyelids to watch her sister. Tina took a chair and sat on it besides Alice “I brought you some pills, please take them.” Alice frowned a bit, she didn’t really loved to take medicine even if it would help her to feel better. Tina knew this and placed a pill inside of Alice’s hand… The one where Erry was trapped in. “I brought you a tiny too, now be a good girl and take your pills please.” Alice was looking at the small girl trapped inside of her hand and smiled… “Little one… You’re going to help me to feel better…? That’s so nice of you…” Erry had a strong shiver, she was about to be eaten just like a small candy but was still trying to get out, screaming from horror… But the girls couldn’t hear this. “Yes, she’s going to help you Aly… Now please…?” Said Tina while handing over the glass filled with water. Alice was smiling and put the small pill in front of her face, opening her cute lips she was now showing the inside of her mouth to Erry who was trying to rip open this texture holding her… “Thank you Ms Tiny…” Said Alice while placing the small pill onto her tongue.

“NOOOOOO!!!” Screamed Erry… She was inside of this girl’s mouth and was now witnessing with horror what would happen next. Alice took the small glass and put it on her lips, tilting it a bit, she let out some water flow… That made Erry slide towards the back of her mouth and swallowed the small pill easily before taking the other ones from her sister’s hand.

“AAAHHH!!!” Was now screaming Erry… Looking at the throat ‘opening’ above her getting far… She had been swallowed alive by this human girl!! She was now feeling the giant throat muscles pressing onto each side and was trying to scream… Her tiny body squeezed from all sides and going deeper inside of this girl’s body. “Please… No…” Said Erry while tears were now flowing out of her eyes, she was remembering those nightmares she had many times where she got caught by a human but this time it was something real. Erry was looking at the pulsating muscles around her while hearing many unknown noises… She was inside of a human’s body… Erry soon could feel something at her feet and was now ‘falling’. Erry knew where she was now… But hadn’t much time to think about it because her pill was falling down and splashed inside of the girl’s stomach.

“NO…!” Screamed Erry while discovering that her ‘prison’ was now sinking into the girl’s digestive acids… Also discovering some food melting all around her. Erry had another scream… Her ‘pill’ was sinking deeper and was now below the food floating at the surface, Erry moved her head down in a fast move to discover something else… Some parts of the pill started to have some holes made because of the acids and her small feet were now ‘ bathing’ inside of some of the girl’s digestive fluids…  She wanted to move but this ‘prison’ was so small that hitting the walls were making the holes to grow… “Aaaaaah!” Let out Erry again, another hole near her hips was forming and some acids were splashing onto her skin… She was feeling a deep burning sensation while listening to the horrible sounds around her. Since Alice was sick, her stomach was reacting in a strange way… But was now about to sleep so it made the digestion process work even more on her small victim. Erry’s pill finally ‘landed’ at the bottom of the human girl’s stomach and she was getting low on oxygen. The acids were now reaching her chest and she could feel her very skin being melted and teared apart from all sides. Erry was now in a small ‘pool’ made or her own blood and the girl’s fluids… She was screaming from horror but each time was consuming more of her low oxygen… Suddenly a new hole appeared right above her head, Erry let out another cry while some acids splashed onto her face, she moved her hands towards the small hole and started to ‘dig’ it… Wanting to escape this horrible place digesting her small self alive! It was now like a ‘shower’ of acids onto her small head, Erry had now a wound on her cheek and could feel some of her hair being melted away… But something was now different… She couldn’t feel her feet anymore, the acids were probably ‘biting’ onto her small nerves. The hole was getting taller but Erry had now just her head over the acids level. She coughed… Feeling her chest being ‘digested’… Looking down, one of her breasts had become just a red mass with blood coming out… Erry’s mind was now focused on a single word : ‘survive !’ Her hands finally made an opening large enough but also ‘filled’ what remained of oxygen with acids, Erry had one very chance and ‘swam out’ of the small pill… She was going up even if each move was filled with pain but soon she couldn’t feel one of her legs anymore. Erry coughed some bubbles out but HAD to get out, she was now near the surface where some melting food was floating…

“Hmmm…” Moaned Alice while turning in her bed… Not knowing that this simple move changed everything for Erry. The small girl got surprised by this sudden ‘change of gravity’ and got hit by a large piece of melting food, making her ‘sink’ again. Erry was coughing, she hadn’t much oxygen left in her lungs… Her vision getting blurry, she was still feeling this deep burning on her body, the acids ‘biting’ her on all of her small self. She started to panic, one of her arms wasn’t moving anymore, this large piece of food still ‘pushing’ her down… Erry coughed a last time… No oxygen left.

Her eyes were filled with despair… Not feeling her other arm nor her legs but a strong burning instead, Erry was looking at her skin ‘peeling off’ from her body… Some blood coming out from this large wound she had on her cheek, her lungs started to fill with the giant girl’s acids… Now burning her from inside. Erry’s eyes shivered… She wanted to survive… She couldn’t die here, not like this!! Erry’s head moved, it was the only thing she could do left… Feeling the acids now ‘digesting’ her from inside, her eyes blinked while she coughed a last time… Before drowning inside this giant stomach…
Alice’s stomach was now growling loudly… Because of her sickness, her food was melting fast, her body needing many nutrients. For the small Erry, the ‘travel’ wasn’t over yet. With a heavy rumble, the small lifeless body moved on the side with some melted food, the juices now fully ‘filling’ Erry. Alice turned in her sleep again and her stomach  growled loudly again, pouring more corrosive juices onto its content. After some minutes, Erry’s body moved again and approached the girl’s intestines entrance and with a soft sucking onto the small girl, she was now gone from Alice’s stomach. Erry was now traveling deeper inside of the girl’s digestive system but a bit faster since Alice was sick. The small body was now going trough a narrow tube, being again ‘processed’ by Alice’s body, Erry’s melted skin was slowly being absorbed along with some of her muscles, feeding this giant girl all around her. Even if Alice was young, she could easily fully digest many small ones at once so digesting Erry would be easy, the only detail was that Erry was ‘traveling’ fast and wouldn’t fully being melted away at the end of her ‘travel’… Erry’s left hand wasn’t looking as cute as before… The same could be said her right leg… Her body was now wearing many wounds where her blood was still pouring out while more of her ‘meat’ was being teared away by the young Alice’s intestines… It was nearly the end of the ‘tunnel’… Erry’s body was now near the entrance of Alice’s large intestines where she wouldn’t melt anymore… The white haired girl had still most of her body even if it was covered by deep bleeding wounds. Finally, she reached her ‘destination’… Erry’s small body entered into the human girl’s large intestines and ‘landed’ onto a brown texture… That was Alice’s feces.

Alice’s body wasn’t acting like usual because of her sickness… More half digested food was now traveling deep inside her body but also feeding her… Leaving what her young body didn’t needed travel deeper inside of her system and join Erry… The small girl was now coated by this human girl’s filth and each time Alice was digesting more of her dinner, more of her previous lunch was pressed the small Erry inside of this ‘texture’… Until only one of her arm, her small head and her remaining breast were outside of it… Erry’s deep white hair not looking so bright anymore because of this filth coating her… Soon the whole mass started to move because of the pressure but also because of Alice’s health…

“Hmmm…” Moaned Alice in her sleep. It was some hours she went to sleep but was now a bit awaken. She put her hand on her head and realized that she had less fever, putting the small towel she had on her head on her shelf, she put on her night slippers and exited her bed. “Huuuh…” Let out Alice while putting her hand on her bladder, she was still feeling a bit dizzy… But couldn’t sleep again like this. She took some steps and started to walk towards the hall. Tina’s room was closed, it was the middle of the night after all but Alice wasn’t afraid of the darkness. Opening a door, she went inside a small room and while turning the light on, closed the door behind her. “Aaah…” Moaned Alice again… She still had some time before her but wanted to ‘release’ this as soon as she could. Facing now a toilet seat, Alice put down her pyjama and started to remove her pants as well before putting her round butt cheeks onto the ceramic seat. While putting her hand on her belly, she was feeling already a bit better because of the pills she took earlier. While looking up at the light a bit strong for her tired eyes she was feeling ‘it’ coming… Her urethra having a small shiver before she started to urinate… Releasing what her body didn’t needed anymore. While the lasts drops fall into the now yellow tainted puddle, Alice was feeling something else within her body.

“I guess I should do this too…” Said Alice while starting to push… Knowing that she would sleep better if she did that too… Alice let out a tiny squeak as she heard a small fart come out of her butt… Looking at her belly she whispered softly “Ssshhh little ones… Don’t make so much noise…” Believing that the small people she ate before were still within her young body, another tale that Tina told her many years before. Alice pushed again… Now feeling something, her anus started to open while a brown ‘load’ started to exit… Until with a splash it was now out and landed at the bottom of the ceramic throne. “Whew…” Said Alice but she was still feeling something. Pushing again, her small anus opened again and another ‘shape’ started to exit her body… Until a small head went trough the small round muscle followed by a small breast and a leg… Buried inside another load of the girl’s feces and splashed right onto the other piece that was inside of the toilet seat. “Hmmm… I think it’s alright now…” Said Alice while taking some paper and wiped her lower body of what was remaining before throwing it into the toilet seat… The paper covered by some brown stains landing onto what was Erry’s face before… Alice put back her pants then her pyjama while rubbing her belly with her hands “Whew… I feel better now… Thank you tiny girl, you’re doing a great job inside of my body…” Said Alice before flushing Erry away along with her filth… Not noticing what she had done to the small girl and wouldn’t know that she took her life mercilessly today.


While humming a soft song, Alice washed her hands and went back to her bed before putting her cover over her body, feeling now way better. She put her head on her pillow and started to close her eyes before having a small burp… “Hehe… Don’t worry tiny girl… I’ll be sure to eat more of your tiny friends soon so you’ll all be happy together within me~” Alice finally closed her eyes… Falling almost immediately in a deep sleep, she started to dream about her next tiny ‘victims’ but without knowing what her cruel body would do to them…