The gallery was fully reworked and to see each picture category use the menu right above or just follow those links :

2017 : Works from the year 2017

2016 : Works from the year 2016

2015 : Works from the year 2015

2014 : Works from the year 2014

2013 – older : Works from the year 2013 and older stuff

Collab artworks : Pictures I worked on with other artists, sometimes doing the lines, some other times doing a full part of the picture.

Picture requests : Pictures requested by various people.

Game previews : Preview pictures from my upcoming game projects.

Gifts : Pictures that I got from wonderful people and some pictures I did for some of them too ! 🙂

Commissionned : Pictures I commissionned to some amazing artists ! 🙂

3D Stuff : 3D pictures I do sometimes 😉

Annie and Erry Gallery : Pictures from the different stories and more… 🙂