Game project updates !


Time for some updates on my game project !

Well currently I’m still working on one of the secret events and it takes soooo much time and pictures that I hope I’ll finish it before the end of the next week or this one.

I also found a nice ‘limit’… another game maker Pochii told me that RPG Maker XP had a hard coded limitation… 999 maps. So yeah I was sooo proud of my 900 maps goal that I started to ‘panic’… xD

In fact my game uses some ‘blank maps’ for some interaction/transitions where no picture is needed. There was a lot of them so… I decided to ‘compress’ all of them into 1 so I could save some maps for the ‘real things’ and after searching in half of the project I finally managed to get from 910 map files to 850 (!!!!!). I still have to check the other half but no doubt that I’ll find some other things to remove.

Aside this I found some other things to correct/debug and it’s going on well… I really hope to finish this event as soon as possible so I could start the work on the last sub event before starting the endings… I’ll also try to do some sound stuff when I’ll have some ideas for those 🙂

And that’s all for today, I’ll post more news about the game soon enough ! 😉


Debug mood 100%

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