Higurashi : The Shrunk Arc

HIGURASHI When They Cry : The Shrunk Arc

This game project started back in 2011, yeah 3 years of development already… I started this project with some idea I had back then and used the Higurashi series universe since I like it and it goes well with the scenario I used back then. The game is currently NOT available since it’s development but it will be released here once it’s done.

Game description :
The Place :

The action takes place in Hinamizawa village. The story of the village is surrounded by mystery and strange stories. Some strange and unresolved murders cases occured by the past in the village and some of them are related to the lands’ goddess “Oyashiro” but is that true ? The villagers thinks so because they’re afraid of a “curse” caused by the goddess. These days the village is peaceful until some stories emerges from the past….

The Characters :

Ryugu Rena :

Very kind character, she like everything that she thinks to be “cute”, it can be from something like a picture to a KFC statue (yup that was in the anime), she’ll eventually help the player as long as he doesn’t tell lies (she hates that) so take care of what you say when you interact with her . She also have nice relations with all the other characters so again whatch what you say.

Sonozaki Mion :

The leader of the “club”, she likes games and act sometimes like a boy, since she can be very “feminine”. She can help you with some events as long as the player makes the right choices (who said mini-games too ?). She also have a Twin sister , Shion, and it looks like there’s something between them; Maybe something the player have to investigate ?

Sonozaki Shion :

Mion’s twin sister, reliable character but she can become very aggressive and cruel due to her backgroud : because she’s the twin sister of the next family leader she may cause some disaster in the family, Shion was placed apart during her childhood. Since she’s Mion sister she have a good relation with her.

Furude Rika :

The leader of Furude clan, it’s said that the have some surnatural powers and she’s the reincarnation of the land’s goddess “Oyashiro”, she’s also in charge of Oyashiro’s shrine. Sometimes she says that she’s able to speak with the goddess but the player will have to search more about this. Since she looks childish sometimes she can be very mature.

Houjo Satoko :

This character is the last of the main ones and she’s the main protagonist of the game. She’s very energetic and likes to create elaborate traps for her friends. In the background of her story she lost her parents in an accident and her brother vanished from the village; since she’s very attached to her friends and will do everything to live peacefully with them. But if someone unexpected had to attack her, what can be the situation …?

The Story :

Satoko was living a peaful life with her friends in Hinamizawa village until something happened. Some murders occured in the village and some of the villagers told that they have something to do with the land’s god : Oyashiro. Some other people are suspected too among the villagers. A wave of paranoia went on the village and some people begun to act violently toward each others. Satoko escaped this “wave” but not some of her friends.

The story begins when Satoko is trying to run away from one of her friend, armed and ready to attack her… She almost reach the neighbor town but her “friend” catches her and make her fall in the river… more than 20m down from the cliff.

Satoko is now in a strange world between Life and Death and she meets another strange person. This person called a “witch” offers Satoko a way to be alive again but only Oyashiro can help her. To reach Oyashiro, Satoko will have to travel through a strange world where people can be normal sized or tiny-sized. But what will be her fate and will she be able to return to her peaceful world? That’s up to you now

Contents :

A short list of hwat you’ll find in the game :

-Giantess / micro interactions (crushing/ toying / MORE !)

– Different kinds of vore content

– 4 basic endings and some hidden ones…

-CG ! Lots of them ! (currently more than 900 custom graphic files)

– Bonuses !

– A chet code ! (yeah really….. xD)

– And more…

Game system :

Since it’s using RPG maker XP the game is like a RPG. Why “like”, well because I added some “fun” things to make the game experience more “alive” like a time system where you can choose different time periods with differents events/quests/etc and a QTE system to make the events more exciting. I used to create “visual novel” games before so you’ll see some of this too.

I posted different previews on the ‘Gallery‘ and ‘Videos‘ tabs if you want to see what the game will have and it will be released soon !