Gun Gun Pixies !! :D

Hello !

A friend of mine told me about a size game that was on PS Vita and since I got one not so long ago well…. here’s the game : Gun Gun Pixies !

I won’t do a test of the game in this post but show some stuff around to show what’s inside 😀 What I really enjoyed in the game was the ‘perspective’ froma  TIny’s view and how you interact with the other characters :p

Sooo is that a clock ? 😀

One of the girls doing some exercise :p

Some items you might find in the rooms sometimes… and yes it unlock you some new outfts… 😀

The ‘bathing event’… :p

Some character you might know from some other game 😀

And well… looks like even the main character is enjoying this… xD


I’ll try to post more screenshots soon but if you can get the game on your vita well it’s worth the try 😀

See you soon for more news ! 🙂


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