Some video previews of my current game project. Some videos are now ‘old’ and had been updated since I posted them (CG mainly). Some of them had to be ‘censored’ so I could upload them on Youtube, but the events like that will be ‘uncensored’ in the full game.


First video preview of my visual novel showing the introduction of the game

Second preview showing some GTS/Vore interactions with the other characters

Third preview showing some GTS gameplay events

Another preview about GTS interactions

Last video preview of the game showing some GTS/Vore previews.

A video to promote the SizeCon that happened on the 04/23/2016 ! 😉

Second promotional video for the  SizeCon 2017 that will happen during the July 29-30 2017 ! 🙂

Third promotional video for the  SizeCon 2018 that will happen during the July 28-29 2018 ! 🙂