Annetta Reese

Age : 22

Gender: Female
Category : Human girl
Location : Living in a small house in a big city

Short story :

Annetta was walking in the park when she ‘found’ the small Erry… Erry was scared at first… knowing how much human girls loved to eat small people or playing with their small bodies… but Annetta wasn’t like this… she brought back the small girl to her house and gave her some food and kindness the small Erry never had… Erry wanted to thank her for everything she had done for her… and to ‘become one with her’… So Erry asked Annetta to eat her. The human girl was surprised for such a question but accepted and swallowed the small girl whole… As Erry finally ‘vanished’ into the girl’s system, she was feeling a deep love for her…

And soon the wheel of Fate started to turn… Erry’s ‘power’ made her come back to Annetta… both of the girls were now telling each other their feelings and a deep love story started between the two girls…

Annetta isn’t one of my characters but she’s a really big friend of mine and you can read our wonderful stories under the ‘stories’ tab : Annie and Erry. 🙂