Age : 19

Gender: Female
Category : Giantess
Location : Rampaging some human city or in the forest.

Short story :

“Hmpf… Me a giant girl…? I don’t really think so… you’re the ones that are small…”

Antaria was a ‘casual’ human girl but had a hard childhood where she got bullied many times so she’s not really good at making friends and she doesn’t wants to.

But one day as she woke up… she realized that something changed within ehr body. She was now wearing a strange ‘mark’ on her left hand and as she stood up… there was a city in front of her. Thinking of it as a toy first, Antaria soon realized that it was in fact filled with ‘living’ beings and a naughty smile appeared on her face…

“Now I got my revenge… not only on those stupid girls… but also on this world that hates me…!”

Be careful because Antaria is coming… and she won’t be friendly at all.

Her mark on her hand gives her the power to grow at will and she’s not limited to a specific size too… so she might just break the whole planet if she gets bored… be careful about what you’re going to say to her !