emeraudEmeraud :

Age : 17
Genger: Female (could be herm too if she ‘models’ her body)
Category : Slimegirl
Size : 1,5 m
Location : Wandering around in the city

Short story :

Emeraud was kept captive with other girls since when she was young. She was ‘stored’ among other slimegirls in a factory that was making some famous drinks for the humans and the slimegirls were one of the main ingredients… some of her friends told her some stories about being the top of the food chain, taking revenge upon the humans, she couldn’t believe that at that time. When her best friend was taken away she went crazy and escaped the factory destroying most of the mechanics and tried to save the remaining girls but she couldn’t help her friend, it was too late.

Emeraud now wanders around the city, hiding and searching for preys to feed on as the humans like to feed on them… She’s really hating all the humans but she could get along with some if they’re kind enough.

As a slime she can take more forms as her usual one, like suddenly become a Futa if she’s attracted to some character or becoming a micro if she’s too hungry to stay in human form…

Her body now… she could also change it as she wants… one of her favorites tricks is to simulate a human stomach keeping her prey inside before she decides to end this game and the prey’s existence…