Age : 17

Gender: Female
Category : Human Micro
Size : 2,5 cm
Location : Hidden in a wall or somewhere where the humans can’t search for her.

Short story :

Erry’s story isn’t really happy, she was born as a micro so in the first place she won’t get along with humans. Moreover during her childhood she lost her big sister in an accident; a human girl found their hideout and ate her sister in front of her eyes. It was just a small game for the girl but a terrible accident for Erry, she’s now very afraid of humans and it will be hard for her to trust them.

She’s now 17, sometimes she lives with other micros but most of the time alone. It’s said among them that her white hair is a sign of bad luck and disaster.

She’s pretty shy but is in search for kindness and trust with another person (but she could be tricked like that …).

Due to her background she have sometimes the wish to die and will do some unexpected things like attacking a human even if she doesn’t have any chance. Let’s hope that she’ll survive long enough…

Something that she doesn’t know is that she have a special ability : She died already numberous times but she always wake up in another place and she can’t remember what happened in her previous life (the past few days). The source of that “power” is unknown yet but everytime she’s appearing somewhere a blue flame can be seen.