Rubbie :

Age : 14

Gender: Female
Category : Micro Naga / Naga
Size : 5 cm with her full tail / 2,8 m when she see the full moon and grows.

Short story :

Since she was little Rubbie was forced to hide… since micros nagas are really enjoyed with some noodles by human girls… her whole life until now was to hide…. but…..

When the full moon rises and when she’s looking at it… her whole body reacts… and she grows to human size… the perfect time to get revenge on them… she might also enjoy some micros at this size since she can’t really control her hunger when she’s like that.

She never really learned to hunt so she’s a little awkward with this… but once she grabs her prey she won’t ever escape her fate… into the young naga dephts…