Saphyr :

Age : 13
Gender : Female
Category : Human Girl
Size : 1,20m

Short story :

When she was born, this girl was already shy looking and her eyes were so beautiful that she got her name with them… Saphyr.

As she grew up she was always alone and didn’t made much friends. But she had a secret at this time… She was friend with a micro girl. As she lived like that for some months her mother decided to move to a new city. The micro that was friend with her decided to follow her friend so they’ll have some wonderful times again.

When she started her new ‘life’ in her new school, Saphyr met some really nice girl and she created a strong bond with her… As some time passed she decided to tell the other girls her secret while she was trusting them.

“Heeeh ? You’re friend with one of these candy ? Why don’t you just eat her…? They’re really good you know” as Saphyr learned the truth about her new ‘friends’. “If you really want to be our friend, you know what to do…” She didn’t wanted to to that… the tiny one was her friend after all. The other girls laughed at Saphyr “A real friend you say ? They’re so tiny you could kill her so easily like stepping on her without even noticing it !”.

Saphyr was hurt…. but the girls were right… the life span of the tiny ones were really short as they would got caught one day or another… and she would have some real friends of her size too… she didn’t wanted to feel alone at school anymore… it was decided…

When she come back home this night she wasn’t feeling anything… the micro girl welcomed Saphyr but she weren’t looking so happy as usual… as Saphyr grabbed the little girl, looking her with empty eyes… “So……I just have to do that…” as she opened her mouth and put the scared small girl inside. The micro girl was now screaming inside her mouth… hitting the closed lips as strong as she could… she didn’t believe her friend could do such a thing… Saphyr sat on the ground, feeling the small one inside her… “Just think as she’s just some small candy…” she was thinking… she could do it like this. Soon she lifted her head back, sending the small girl to the depths of her throat as she swallowed her.

As the small screaming bulge went down her throat, Saphyr was still sitting, her eyes closed in ecstasy… it was feeling so good… how could she hadn’t done that before… and well… the small girl will be digested soon, staying forever within her, but now she was punching her stomach from the inside begging her friend… And soon there was no more noise… Saphyr rubbed her belly softly… something changed inside her eyes… she wanted more… and she’ll be searching for more of this pleasure now…

She’s now a “Micro Hunter”, she’ll do whatever needed to catch them and playing with them before their final trip… inside her depths. She could be really cruel even if she looks so kind so be careful when you see her. She’s also the ‘Princess complex’ type so be really careful when you dare to go against her…. :>