New artwork : In your hand…


She’s sitting in your hand… she’s scared because it’s the first time she sees someone that huge so close and because of knowing what the humans usually do to the ones of her size…

Will she be eaten mercilessly…? Used as a small toy ? Crushed in your hand or will be spared…? It’s your choice after all…

Based on a comment I got from my latest picture and it would be cool to see how people react to this ‘choice’ if they were the one holding this tiny girl… 😀

More to come soon 🙂


15 thoughts on “New artwork : In your hand…

  1. Kiloby

    Erry’s so young in this, aww….
    As much as I’m a fan of vore and everything…with her crying like that, I just don’t think I could hurt her. I would probably try to make her feel better with some food and stuff, let her stay the night on a spare pillow or something if she wasn’t too terrified of me.
    I wouldn’t be able to keep Erry though, I’d be too paranoid about accidentally killing her or something…so I’d end up releasing her outside my house after a day or two, maybe somewhere where there are other tinies so I don’t feel so guilty?

    (Sorry for long comment, overthinking it XD Also, super honoured that this is based on my comment from last time!)

  2. Kreeyz Post author

    Yeah I tought it would be better with the younger version of Erry 😀 but don’t forget that she could go back to life too 🙂

  3. Kiloby

    Yeah, I know she can come back but I was imagining it if I came across Erry and thought she couldn’t come back to life XP

    If I knew she would survive…yeah, I would probably eat her 🙂 I’d put her in a bowl of ice cream, with sprinkles and stuff so she could have some fun, and then swallow her in one big delicious scoop ^_^

  4. Kreeyz Post author

    Hehe… if she ‘knew’ about her own power too and trust you enough she would probably accept to to this haha :3

  5. Kiloby

    Yay x3 I don’t think there’s anything better than a tiny accepting for someone else to eat them 😀

  6. Kreeyz Post author

    You can see that many times in my ‘Annie & Erry’ stories, they’re almost all about willing vore 😀

  7. Kiloby

    Yeah, I noticed ^_^ I’ve actually read all of the Annie & Erry story now, reread a few chapters quite a lot actually XD I really like it, and I’m sure I’ll read through the other stories on this website soon enough.

  8. Kreeyz Post author

    Hehe thanks :3 I post a bit more stuff here than on Eka’s but all my stories are on both sites 😀

  9. Kiloby

    Awesome! I visit Eka’s portal every so often, but to be honest I prefer stuff like your website because Eka has a slightly weird layout that makes it hard to navigate an artist’s page :/

    I didn’t actually know about this website for quite a while though XD I knew your work from the Higurashi videos on youtube, but I found this place through Reiko-Samaa about 2 or 3 weeks ago 🙂

  10. Kreeyz Post author

    Aaaaah okay 😀 Reiko is a really amazing artist too 😀 but yeah I use the portal too because it’s a bit easier to ‘communicate’ with other members 3:3

  11. Kiloby

    Yeah it makes sense that you would use the portal for communication XD
    I never really thought about it because usually I’m super shy and don’t try to talk to creators like you >_<

  12. Kreeyz Post author

    Aaaah I’m pretty shy too but well I enjoy talking with other people sharing the same interests ;3 (and I don’t bite xD)

  13. Kiloby

    Heheh aww, I’ll keep that in mind in future ^_^ I know one person in real life that shares this “interest”, so yeah it’s really nice to be able to talk about it online.
    Reiko-Samaa has been really friendly too actually XD We’ve done quite a few RP’s now, so woo! (Although that mostly happened because I’ve been helping sort out the grammar on that site XPP)

    But sorry, yeah, rambling 🙂 I’ll try to say stuff more in future!

  14. Kreeyz Post author

    Okay 😀 and if you want, I do some RP too sometimes 😉 if you feel to try one day, PM me on Eka’s 😀

  15. Kiloby

    Aww, that’s a very nice offer ^_^ I’d love to RP sometime, so yeah I’ll probably send you a PM in the near future then.

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