New story : A Tiny’s dreams !


Hello again !

I added a new section in the ‘stories’ page and menus since well… there’s a new series available ! These stories are called ‘A Tiny’s dreams’ and are based on some great RP we did with my friend Ypza. In those you’ll find a little Erry lost in a new world… where she’ll meet the Cylark sisters and her life won’t be the same anymore… hope you’ll enjoy to read them ! The first chapter can be read right here !

See you soon for more !


2 thoughts on “New story : A Tiny’s dreams !

  1. Kiloby

    Forgot your chapters were so long XD Started reading it last night and had to go to sleep pretty much when I finished it because it had taken me an hour!
    I really enjoyed it, there was so much going on and I love all these new characters 😀 Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    P.S. The link on this post seems to be slightly broken (the one to read the chapter). It just takes you back to this post ^_^;

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